When Are The X Games

When Are The X Games?

January 21 – 23 2022

X Games welcomes back fans to Buttermilk in Aspen Colorado for the 21st consecutive year January 21-23!

Will there be X Games 2021?

X Games 2021 Returns to Action Sports’ Roots with California Event July 14-18. ESPN X Games announced today that X Games 2021 will return to the roots of action sports – hosting BMX Skateboard and Moto X competitions from three unique athlete training facilities around Southern California from July 14 – 18.

Where are the 2021 X Games?

To watch X Games Aspen 2021 on ESPN ESPN2 and ABC check the tune-in schedule here. X Games Aspen 2021 is also partially streamed live at Facebook Twitter YouTube and and TikTok for viewers in the United States and across ESPN’s online streaming services around the world. See below.

Are the X Games held every 4 years?

After enthusiastic response from the athletes organizers spectators and sponsors ESPN decides to hold the event the following year instead of every two years as originally announced. In October it is announced that Rhode Island will be the location for the 1996 event.

How often are the X Games?

twice per year

The X Games

The event is held twice per year – the Summer X Games in August and the Winter X Games in January/February. The first X Games were held in the summer of 1995 in Rhode Island. Beginning in 2013 the X Games were expanded to six events per calendar year for at least the next three years.

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