When Information Collected For One Purpose Is Put To Another Purpose, That Is Called A


When Information Collected For One Purpose Is Put To Another Purpose That Is Called A?

when information is put to another purpose that is called a. secondary use of the data. A policy that requires the consumer to explicitly give permission before an organization can share information with another organization is called. opt-in.

When information is collected for one purpose is put to another purpose?

Question Answer
When information collected for one purpose is put to another purpose that is called a ______ of the data. secondary use
thanks to the _______/ credit reports you can get a credit card from a bank or store with which you have never done business. national credit bureau system

Why are Flash cookies controversial?

Flash cookies are commonly used in website advertisements and videos. … The recreation process which is called respawning is extremely controversial because it facilitates cross-browser tracking and poses privacy concerns when the use of Flash cookies is not disclosed in a website’s privacy policy.

Who wrote that every violation of a privacy right is also a violation of another right quizlet?

Do you agree with Judith Jarvis Thomson that every “privacy right” violation is a violation of another right? Explain your position. Violations of privacy always come with a secondary consequence. 38.

What is a prudential right?

A prudential right is “a justified claim or entitleme. whose justificatory basis or criterion is the self-interests or purposes of the righ. holder or claimant himself.” In specific in Gewirth’s derivation every agent asser. that he is entitled to have others not interfere with those generic goods or interest.

How is cyberbullying defined it is defined as inflicting psychological harm on another person using?

Cyber-bullying is defined as inflicting psychological harm on another person using. Phone or internet.

Does the 1974 Privacy Act establish mandatory data handling practices for businesses?

No the privacy act only applies to government databases. Does the Privacy Act establish mandatory data handling practices for businesses? What kind of databases does this act apply to?

What is it called when unsuspecting users visit an infected website and their browsers download code that targets a vulnerability in the user’s browser?

What is it called when unsuspecting users visit an infected website and their browsers download code that targets a vulnerability in the user’s browser? Extensions. 14. Which of the following expands the normal capabilities of a web broswer for a specific webpage? Private Browsing.

What is 3rd party cookies?

Third-party cookies are created by domains that are not the website (or domain) that you are visiting. These are usually used for online-advertising purposes and placed on a website through adding scripts or tags. A third-party cookie is accessible on any website that loads the third-party server’s code.

What does this phrase define zone of inaccessibility that surrounds a person?

Privacy is a “zone of inaccessibility” that surrounds a person. Three components: Secrecy or confidentiality (limited dissemination of information about you) Anonymity (protection from unwanted attention) and Solitude (the lack of physical proximity to others).

What does the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Ferpa stipulate quizlet?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows a special category of personally identifiable information to be disclosed without student consent. A school can do this as long as it has given notice to the student that it will disclose this information.

What right does the 3rd amendment protect?

No Soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the Owner nor in time of war but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

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Which of the following is a low tech method of gathering personal information?

Three “low-tech” methods that can be used to obtain login names and passwords are eavesdropping dumpster diving and social engineering. … Social engineering could also be used such as trying to manipulate someone in the organization to give up confidential information.

What is prudential action?

1 : of relating to or proceeding from prudence. 2 : exercising prudence especially in business matters.

What is meant by Prudential account?

Prudential regulation is a type of financial regulation that requires financial firms to control risks and hold adequate capital as defined by capital requirements liquidity requirements by the imposition of concentration risk (or large exposures) limits and by related reporting and public disclosure requirements …

What was the reason given by the Electronic Privacy information Center for filing a complaint quizlet?

An RFID is _____. The process of searching through many records in one or more databases looking for patterns or relationships is called ______. A public record contains information about an incident or action reported to a government agency for the purpose of ______.

What is gathering financial information via spam called?

phishing. Gathering financial information via spam.

How many Americans are victims of identity theft each year group of answer choices?

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans experience some form of identity theft each year. However that number is subject to fluctuation as both crime fighting tactics and the methods that criminals use to steal identities evolve over time.

Which of the following are forms of direct censorship?

The three forms of direct censorship are: government monopoly pre-publication review and licensing and registration.

What does the Privacy Act of 1974 apply to?

The Privacy Act of 1974 as amended 5 U.S.C. § 552a establishes a code of fair information practices that governs the collection maintenance use and dissemination of information about individuals that is maintained in systems of records by federal agencies.

What are the main purposes of the federal Privacy Act of 1974?

§ 552a (1974) The purpose of the Privacy Act is to balance the government’s need to maintain information about individuals with the rights of individuals to be protected against unwarranted invasions of their privacy stemming from federal agencies’ collection maintenance use and disclosure of personal information.

What is the Privacy Act of 1974 statement?

The Privacy Act of 1974 5 U.S.C. … 552a provides protection to individuals by ensuring that personal information collected by federal agencies is limited to that which is legally authorized and necessary and is maintained in a manner which precludes unwarranted intrusions upon individual privacy.

What is ransomware meaning?

Share: Ransomware is malware that employs encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom. A user or organization’s critical data is encrypted so that they cannot access files databases or applications. A ransom is then demanded to provide access.

What is the purpose of a rootkit?

The main purpose of rootkits is to mask malware payloads effectively and preserve their privileged existence on the system. For that reason a rootkit will conceal files malware processes injected modules registry keys user accounts or even system registries running on system boot.

What is the purpose of installing updates on your computer check all that apply quizlet?

Updating helps block all unwanted traffic. Updating adds new features. Updating improves performance and stability. Updating addresses security vulnerabilities.

What is a super cookie?

A supercookie is a type of tracking cookie inserted into an HTTP header by an internet service provider (ISP) to collect data about a user’s internet browsing history and habits. … Unlike traditional tracking cookies there is no easy way for a user to know a supercookie was added during their Internet browsing session.

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What is Chrome privacy sandbox?

The Privacy Sandbox is an initiative led by Google to create web standards for websites to access user information without compromising privacy. Its core purpose is to facilitate online advertising without the use of third-party cookies.

What are cookie settings?

Cookies are files created by websites you visit. They make your online experience easier by saving browsing information. With cookies sites can keep you signed in remember your site preferences and give you locally relevant content.

Where is the point of inaccessibility?

South Dakota
In North America the pole of inaccessibility has been calculated to be in the southwestern region of South Dakota. It is located in Bennett County and is approximately 6 miles north of the community of Allen. The geographic location is 43°21’36″N and 101°58’12″W.Oct 3 2014

What’s the inaccessible south pole?

The southern pole of inaccessibility is the point on the Antarctic continent most distant from the Southern Ocean. A variety of coordinate locations have been given for this pole. … Using different criteria the Scott Polar Research Institute locates this pole at 85°50′S 65°47′E.

Where is the pole of inaccessibility?

Pole of Inaccessibility point on the Antarctic continent that is farthest in all directions from the surrounding seas lying on the Polar Plateau in a vast territory claimed by Australia.

What is the purpose of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that affords parents the right to have access to their children’s education records the right to seek to have the records amended and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education

What does the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA stipulate?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. … Parents or eligible students have the right to request that a school correct records which they believe to be inaccurate or misleading.

What is the purpose of FERPA quizlet?

FERPA allows student with the right to access and review their education records.

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