When Sulfur Burns Its Immediate Product Is

When Sulfur Burns Its Immediate Product Is?

When sulfur burns its IMMEDIATE product is: the gas sulfur dioxide (SO2).

When a hydrocarbon containing nitrogen combusts its immediate product is?

When a hydrocarbon containing nitrogen combusts its IMMEDIATE product is: nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

What does it mean in conservative biology to say a habitat is fragmented?

What does it mean in conservative biology to say a habitat is fragmented? The habitat exists in patches that are physically isolated from each other.

Which of the following is not a correct statement about the zebra mussel in North America?

What’s not an example of a human activity that directly threatens the biodiversity of species? Given limited resources and the inability to conserve all of the endangered species on the planet is it more important to conserve 1 endangered bird species or 1 000 unknown bacterial species?

When preserving areas to act as reservoirs for biodiversity corridors are important because they?

Terms in this set (64) When preserving areas to act as reservoirs for biodiversity corridors are important because: they increase gene flow between the areas they connect.

Which functional group is formed by an alkane and a halogen in a substitution reaction?


When alkanes react with halogens hydrogen atoms are substituted with halogen atoms and the products are haloalkanes. These reactions introduce new functional groups into the molecule which can be useful for carrying out other reactions.

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What are hydrocarbons in chemistry?

A hydrocarbon is any of a class of organic chemicals made up of only the elements carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). The carbon atoms join together to form the framework of the compound and the hydrogen atoms attach to them in many different configurations. chemical compound. Learn more about chemical compounds.

How is habitat destruction degradation related to habitat fragmentation?

Habitats are degraded when their condition declines due to factors such as pollution invasive species and over-utilization of natural resources. … Habitat fragmentation occurs when large blocks of habitat are cut into smaller pieces by development such as roads or housing.

What does it mean in conservative biology to say a habitat is fragmented quizlet?

What does it mean in conservation biology to say a habitat is fragmented? The habitat exists in patches that are physically isolated from each other.

What is habitat loss and destruction?

Habitat destruction (also termed habitat loss and habitat reduction) is the process by which a natural habitat becomes incapable of supporting its native species. The organisms that previously inhabited the site are displaced or dead thereby reducing biodiversity and species abundance.

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Which statement is not true about the zebra mussel?

Which statement is not true about the zebra mussel? They have a negative impact on all of the native species in the lakes and rivers they inhabit. What pioneering plants are the first to grow in disturbed habitats?

What are the predators of zebra mussels?

Besides pumpkinseeds the several other North American fish eat zebra mussels including freshwater drums redhorse suckers river carpsuckers and smallmouth buffalos. Some species of waterbirds are important predators of zebra mussels too. These are mostly diving ducks.

How zebra mussels affect the ecosystem?

Zebra mussels negatively impact ecosystems in many ways. They filter out algae that native species need for food and they attach to–and incapacitate–native mussels. Power plants must also spend millions of dollars removing zebra mussels from clogged water intakes.

Is focusing on hotspots the key to preserving biodiversity?

Threatened vertebrate species may be falling freely through the gaps in the protected-area network but three quarters of such species are found in hotspots and nowhere else on the earth—indicating that hotspots are good places to protect more land and in general to focus efforts at saving vertebrates as well as plants …

What is the third reason to preserve biodiversity?

The third reason is his inability to maintain the ecological network. His anti-pragmatic approach toward utilizing the diversity has resulted in misusing nature. Man’s population pressures leading to hunger and poverty have lead way to deforestation.

Why have ecologists identified ecological hotspots?

Why have ecologists identified ecological hot spots? … Preserving entire ecosystems maintains the genetic diversity of all the organisms in that system and ensures that the ecosystem will continue to provide ecological goods and services. Such benefits cannot be achieved by protecting species one at a time.

What is NH2 functional group?

The amine group is located by the position number. Groups that are attached to the nitrogen atom are located using “N” as the position number. More complex primary amines are named with —NH2 as the amino substituent.

What type of reactions are given by alkanes?

The result is that alkanes have very little reactivity and only undergo three major types of reactions including the following:
  • Combustion Reactions – burn them – destroying the entire molecule
  • Halogenation Reactions (substitution type) – react them with some of the halogens breaking the carbon-hydrogen bonds

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What is alkyl group?

Definition: An alkyl is a functional group of an organic chemical that contains only carbon and hydrogen atoms which are arranged in a chain. Examples include methyl CH3 (derived from methane) and butyl C2H5 (derived from butane).

What are hydrocarbons class 9th?

Hydrocarbons are organic compounds composed of elements of carbon and hydrogen only. The molecular formula for hydrocarbon compounds is CxHy. There are different types of hydrocarbons such as saturated hydrocarbons unsaturated hydrocarbons cycloalkanes aromatic hydrocarbons and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Why are hydrocarbons flammable?

Explanation: Hydrocarbons are flammable because the carbon in their structure is in the most reduced form. Hydrocarbons are a class of organic compounds that contain just carbon and hydrogen. … As a matter of fact flammability is a property of hydrocarbons and the reaction is called a combustion reaction.

What hydrocarbons are gases and liquids?

What are hydrocarbon gas liquids?
  • Alkanes or paraffins. Ethane—C2H6 Propane—C3H8 Butanes: normal butane and isobutane—C4H10 Natural gasoline or pentanes plus—C5H12 and heavier.
  • Alkenes or olefins. Ethylene—C2H44. Propylene—C3H6 Normal butylene and isobutylene—C4H8

What is it called when habitat broken up into pieces or fragments?

The major cause of extinction is habitat destruction the loss of a natural habitat. Habitat Fragmentation. Breaking larger habitats into smaller isolated pieces or fragments is called habitat fragmentation.

Which contributes to loss of habitat?

There are many causes of habitat loss including land conversion for development from growing populations mining for materials harvesting lumber for paper products and of course agriculture.

What is habitat destruction and fragmentation?

Habitat destruction and fragmentation is a process that describes the emergences of discontinuities (fragmentation) or the loss (destruction) of the environment inhabited by an organism.

What does it mean to say that a species is endangered quizlet?

An endangered species is a species dangerously close to extinction. This can be due to natural causes (competition predation etc.) or human caused (Introduced species habitat loss and degradation climate change etc.).

What is the meaning of species richness?

Beta diversity is the rate at which species richness increases as one moves in a straight line across a region from one habitat to another habitat. In other words it is the rate of change in species richness that occurs with a change in spatial scale. Gamma diversity is the species richness within an entire region.

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When a species is introduced into a habitat that is not its natural ecosystem quizlet?

Terms in this set (10)

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When a species is introduced into a habitat that is not its natural ecosystem the species could become “invasive.” Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an “invasive” species? Invasive species never have negative effects on a new habitat’s biodiversity.

What is wildlife depletion?

– Wildlife depletion Is the lose of wild animals through over hunting. Most often loss of there natural habitat due to human expansion of urbanization.

What is loss of biodiversity?

Biodiversity loss refers to the decline or disappearance of biological diversity understood as the variety of living things that inhabit the planet its different levels of biological organisation and their respective genetic variability as well as the natural patterns present in ecosystems.

What is the main cause of decrease in wildlife?

Complete answer: Habitat loss and fragmentation is the major cause of the decreasing number of wildlife population. The area where the maximum loss of habitat happening is in the tropical rainforests. These areas covered a major portion of the earth’s surface but now they have diminished to an alarming proportion.

Can you eat mussels?

As delicious as they are they can be a challenge to eat. You can eat mussels using you fingers a fork and a spoon. You don’t have to end a meal of mussels with sticky fingers and dribbles of clam juice on their shirt.

Can you eat tiger mussels?

Are zebra mussels edible? Most clams and mussels are edible but that does not mean they taste good! Many species and fish and ducks eat zebra mussels so they are not harmful in that sense. … Therefore to be safe it is not recommend they be eaten by people.

Do zebra mussels eat algae?

Zebra mussels are known to consume all types of algae but one. Cyanobacteria which continues to be a large problem for Madison’s lakes and which poses a risk to humans is not eaten by zebra mussels. In fact cyanobacteria may even do better in water systems where zebra mussels are present.

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