Where Are The Youngest Rocks Found On The Ocean Floor


Where Are The Youngest Rocks Found On The Ocean Floor?

the mid-ocean ridges

Where are the youngest rocks on the ocean floor located quizlet?

The YOUNGEST seafloor rocks are found CLOSE TO the mid-ocean ridge. The OLDEST seafloor rocks are found FAR AWAY FROM the mid-ocean ridge.

Where do we find the youngest and oldest ocean rock?

Also it showed that the youngest rock was found near the mid-ocean ridge while the oldest rock was furthest from the ridge just off the coast of the continents. In areas such as the Pacific Ocean basin any rocks older than 200 million years had since been consumed by the subduction zones (trenches).

Where are the youngest rocks located?

mid-ocean ridges

Scientists found that the youngest rocks are located at the mid-ocean ridges and the older rock is found far from mid-ocean ridges. This finding provided support for the Theory of Plate Tectonics.

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Where are the youngest rocks usually found quizlet?

Found the youngest rocks are closest to mid ocean ridges rocks get older the further they are away from the ridge by taking rock samples from the ocean floor.

Where are the newest rocks on Earth found?

An astonishing new rock formation has been revealed in the Colorado Rockies and it exists in a deeply perplexing relationship with older rocks. Named the Tava sandstone this sedimentary rock forms intrusions within the ancient granites and gneisses that form the backbone of the Front Range.

Which best describes the location of the youngest rock on the floor of the Atlantic ocean?

the oceanic ridge

The youngest rocks on the ocean floor are located at the oceanic ridge an underwater mountain range formed from the spreading of tectonic plates in…

Where are the youngest rocks in the Atlantic Ocean What age are they?

As the divergent plate boundaries are known as the constructive plate boundaries because the magma comes out through this region over the earth’s surface forming new crust. That’s why the youngest rocks of the Atlantic ocean are found near the area of Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Where are the youngest rocks in the ocean crust the oldest Why?

The oldest? Why? The youngest rocks in the seabed are located at the spreading centers of the ocean because new magma continuously forces its way up to the surface and becomes new basaltic oceanic crust.

Where is the newest rock located quizlet?

The location of the youngest rocks on the seafloor shows that new rocks form in the middle of the ocean the same location as the shallowest area of the ocean. This line of new relatively shallow rocks is known as the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Where are the youngest rocks added to a plate formed?

Life cycle

As the continental plates move away from the ridge the newly formed rocks cool and start to erode with sediment gradually building up on top of them. The youngest oceanic rocks are at the oceanic ridges and they gets progressively older away from the ridges.

Which area on the map would you find the youngest rocks of the earth’s crust?

The youngest crust (shown in red) is near mid ocean ridges and spreading zones. All three rock types in the earth’s crust—igneous sedimentary and metamorphic—can also be recycled back to their original molten magma form. This process occurs when oceanic crust is pushed back into the mantle at subduction zones.

Where would you expect to find the newest rock on the ocean floor?

The newest thinnest crust on Earth is located near the center of mid-ocean ridge—the actual site of seafloor spreading.

What is the youngest rock in the earth?

The youngest rock in the Earth’s crust is found at recent volcanic eruptions and at mid-ocean ridges.

Where is the oldest rock on Earth located?

The approximate ages have a margin of error of millions of years. In 1999 the oldest known rock on Earth was dated to 4.031 ±0.003 billion years and is part of the Acasta Gneiss of the Slave craton in northwestern Canada.

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Which of the following best explains why the oceanic crust is youngest at the oceanic ridges?

Explanation: Mid Ocean ridges are the source of new crustal material. It is thought that convection currents brings fresh magma to the surface at the divergent boundaries The youngest part of the world crust is found in oceanic crust next to the mid ocean ridges.

What is the youngest material of the ocean floor?

Science Final Quiz
The crust and upper mantle make up the Earth’s ___________. lithosphere
The youngest material of the ocean floor is found at mid-ocean __________. ridges
Less dense plates of the lithosphere float on the _______. asthenosphere
The results of plate movement can be seen at ________. plate boundaries

How old are the oldest rocks on the ocean floor?

The oldest oceanic crust is about 260 million years old. This sounds old but is actually very young compared to the oldest continental rocks which are 4 billion years old.

Where are the oldest rocks in the Atlantic found?

The oldest oceanic crust in the Atlantic Ocean is therefore found off the continental slopes of the USA and Northwest Africa. The continental shelfs of course comprise rocks below their sedimentary cover that often are much older than the oldest oceanic crust.

Where does the ocean floor sink back into the mantle?

Subduction is the process by which the ocean floor sinks beneath a deep-ocean trench and back into the mantle.

Where is the youngest igneous rock on the planet?

The youngest exposed pluton reported to date is the Takidani Granodiorite (~ 1.4 Ma) in the Hida Mountain Range of central Japan.

Which rock unit is youngest in age?

The principle of superposition states that the oldest sedimentary rock units are at the bottom and the youngest are at the top.

What type of crust is the youngest?

Earth’s crust is generally divided into older thicker continental crust and younger denser oceanic crust.

Which statement describes the age pattern of oceanic crust and continental crust?

Which statement describes the age pattern of oceanic crust and continental crust? Oceanic crust is oldest near the ocean-continent boundaries but continental crust shows no clear age pattern. What is the solid plastic layer of Earth’s mantle? What is an undersea mountain range that forms at a divergent boundary?

Which layer of the lithosphere is generally the youngest?

As a result the oceanic lithosphere is much younger than the continental lithosphere: the oldest oceanic lithosphere is about 170 million years old while parts of the continental lithosphere are billions of years old. Another distinguishing characteristic of the lithosphere is its flow properties.

Why the youngest type of rocks was found in mid-ocean ridge?

Seafloor Ages

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The scientists used geologic dating techniques on seafloor rocks. They found that the youngest rocks on the seafloor were at the mid-ocean ridges. The rocks get older with distance from the ridge crest. … With distance from the ridge crest the sediments and crust get thicker.

Where is new ocean floor formed?

mid-ocean ridges
Seafloor spreading or Seafloor spread is a process that occurs at mid-ocean ridges where new oceanic crust is formed through volcanic activity and then gradually moves away from the ridge.

Why is the oldest ocean floor only 200 million years old?

Most oceanic crust is less than 200 million years old because it is typically recycled back into the Earth’s mantle at subduction zones (where two tectonic plates collide). …

What are 3 kinds of evidence scientists have found to support ocean floor spreading?

Several types of evidence from the oceans supported Hess’s theory of sea-floor spreading-evidence from molten material magnetic stripes and drilling samples. This evidence also led sci- entists to look again at Wegener’s theory of continental drift.

What happens to the ocean floor at deep ocean trenches?

In ocean trenches one tectonic plate sinks underneath another called a subduction zone at convergent boundaries. … As the oceanic plate sinks it melts into the mantle and the magma is recycled into the Earth.

What is the bottom of the sea called?


The seabed (also known as the seafloor sea floor ocean floor and ocean bottom) is the bottom of the ocean. All floors of the ocean are known as ‘seabeds’.

Which fossil is the oldest?

Stromatolites are the oldest known fossils representing the beginning of life on Earth. “Old” is relative here at the Natural History Museum. In collections like Mammalogy or Herpetology a 100-year-old specimen might seem really old. The La Brea Tar Pits have fossils that are between 10 000 and 50 000 years old.

What is the youngest geologic feature?

The principle of cross-cutting relationships states that a fault or intrusion is younger than the rocks that it cuts through. The fault cuts through all three sedimentary rock layers (A B and C) and also the intrusion (D). So the fault must be the youngest feature.

What is the relative age of rocks?

The relative age of a rock is its age in comparison with other rocks. If you know the relative ages of two rock layers you know which is older and which is younger but you do not know how old the layers are in years.

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