Where Are You Located Answer

Where are you located Meaning?

“Where are you located ” is commonly used to ask the location of a business or organization or as you suggest it can be used to ask and individual where they are currently located.

What is the best answer for where are you from?

Here are some typical responses:
  • “I’m from here.” + [any of the sentences you provided].
  • “I’m from here. I’ve lived here my whole life.”
  • “I’m from here. I was born here in Bankok and I’ve lived here my whole life.”
  • “I was born here and have lived here my whole/entire life.”

How do you ask someone about their location?

Ask for someone’s location
  1. On your Android phone or tablet open the Google Maps app .
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial. Location sharing.
  3. Tap a contact who shared with you before.
  4. Tap Request. Request.

Where are you from Meaning answer?

If you ask someone about where they’re from they may respond by saying something like West Coast or the East Coast or California or the South or the Midwest. If they answer in this way it usually means they are interested in talking more about their region and how it differs from others.

Where are you based?

It can mean the place where you live or the place where you work depending on the conversation.

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Where do you stay or where are you staying?

To “stay” in a place is to live in it temporarily. To ask someone where his permanent home is you say: “Where do you live?” But if you meet someone who is on holiday or is here temporarily you ask: “Where are you staying?”.

What does Where are you from Mean?

Literal: In which country or region were you born or raised?

Where are you from where were you born Meaning?

“Where are you from?” doesn’t just mean “where do you live?” It can also mean “where were you raised?” or “where were you living before here?” It does not mean “where were you born?” but more accurately “where did you grow up?”

Where have you come from meaning?

You can use expressions like I know where you’re coming from or you can see where she’s coming from to say that you understand someone’s attitude or point of view. To understand why they are doing it it is necessary to know where they are coming from.

Are you located Meaning?

It’s technically just asking where the person is at the moment. However depending on the context it could mean where the person lives. See a translation. 0 likes. mochi_sav01.

How do you ask about a place?

To ask if a place has something use Is there … ? or Are there any … ? . Is there a hairdryer in the room? Is there a TV? Is there much noise from the neighbours?

How do you send your location?

Share a map or location
  1. On your Android phone or tablet open the Google Maps app .
  2. Search for a place. Or find a place on the map then touch and hold to drop a pin.
  3. At the bottom tap the place’s name or address.
  4. Tap Share . …
  5. Choose the app where you want to share the link to the map.

Is it rude to ask where are you from?

This is completely inappropriate. Asking me where I’m from is a personal question and is similar to walking up to someone and asking what religion they follow. This is something you only learn as you get to know someone not something you go up and ask a stranger without warning.

Where are you at now meaning?

If you are some place. The person who asked wants to know the place you’re at. in a context asking about your school/job they might mean “what classes are you taking” or “what is your job title” or “which company are you working for“.

How do we say where are you from in French?

where are you from? D’où êtes-vous?

Where do you put up meaning?

“Where do you put up?” is used to mean where are you staying temporarily but it is more often used with an object: A: Where do you put up visiting relatives?

What does Where are you based out of mean?

‘Based out of’ means that a company has the particular location as the operational base and serves customers based in many locations. In the case of an individual it means that the said person resides in that particular location and travels around for his occupation or otherwise.

Do you say country or country?

Which” sounds far more formal to me than the “what” that people tend to use when they don’t know better. “Which” is used when choosing from a defined list. When the list is very large it becomes more difficult – especially when there’s no unanimity as to what constitutes a “country.”

How do you reply Where do you live?

So as you can see there are lots of possible ways to answer the question “Where do you live?” Once you’ve told them the other person might respond in one of the following ways: “Oh yeah I know it!” “I live near there!”

Where are you living or where do you live?

The present continuous is used to talk about things that are more transient not so fixed. People who are more fixed in their life more settled may well use “where do you live?” while those who are more transient like homeless people or students may tend to “where are you living?”.

Is where do you live correct?

But to answer your question Where do you live? is correct grammar. If you asked “Where do you live in?” you would not only be redundant but you would be ending the question with a preposition which is grammatically incorrect. So to be correct you should ask “Where do you live?”

What does where your from mean?

1) “Where are you from?” implies that you want to know what city/state/country they consider “home ” and that you assume it’s someplace other than where you are right now. This may be confusing since where someone is “from” isn’t necessarily where they live.

Where are you from in different ways?

Where are you from? is part of common questions people use when they first meet each other.

10 Alternatives to “Where are you from?”
  • Where is home right now? …
  • What is home? …
  • Who are you? …
  • What’s your story? …
  • Where have you lived? …
  • Where were you born? …
  • What brings you here?

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What do you say when someone asks where are you from?

The correct answer is the name of the place where you are from. How specific you need to be depends on who is asking. If you’re in a distant foreign country give the name of your home country. Give more details if they’re asked for.

How do you answer Where were you born?

“Where were you born?” The answer: I was born in ___________ (country). This common question is in the passive voice. The verb “bear” means to have or to produce children but no one says for example “Where did your mother bear you?”

Where are you born or where do you born?

It is not correct. Although a fluent English speaker would understand what you were trying to say the correct question is as you acknowledged “Where were you born?”. The only thing that would be similar to what you asked would be “Where did your birth take place?”

Is your birthplace where your from?

Your birthplace is the place where you were born. … The birthplace of something is the place where it began.

Is where do you come from grammatically correct?

The interrogative form of verbs in the present simple is formed with DO not BE. “Where do you come from?” is therefore correct “Where are you come from?” is not correct. When BE is functioning as a main verb DO is not used as an auxiliary for the interrogative: “Where are you from?”

Where someone is at meaning?

Definition of where (someone) is at

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informal. : someone’s true opinion state or nature I haven’t quite figured out where she’s at on that issue.

What do u mean by located?

verb (used with object) lo·cat·ed lo·cat·ing. to identify or discover the place or location of: to locate the bullet wound. to set fix or establish in a position situation or locality place settle: to locate our European office in Paris.

Is located in synonym?

What is another word for located?
placed positioned
sited situated
based found
occupying posted
set stationed

Has been located Meaning?

If something is located in a particular place it is present or has been built there.

Where is it located or where it is located?

Where it is located is a statement of fact.” “Where is it located?” is correct if the intention is to ask a question. When the intention is to state a fact “where it is located” is correct e.g. “Behind the sofa is where the key is located.”

How do you ask where an interview is?

Dear [hiring manager or other contact] Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview for this position. I’m writing to confirm that my interview is on [date] at [time] at [location]. I would also like to confirm the individual(s) with whom I’ll be meeting.

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