Which Point(S) Are Unattainable? Briefly Explain Why.


Which point on the graph is not attainable?

A point on the curve is efficient and easily attainable by implementing all resources. A point that lies above or on the right side of the PPF is not attainable because the economy falls short of resources or technology to produce that level of output. The maximum capacity of the economy has already been exhausted.

Are points outside the PPF always unattainable explain?

All points outside PPF are unattainable (e.g. point Z). Point Z could be attained only if technology or/and resources increase and the economy shifts its PPF to the right. Such movement is considered an economic growth .

Which points are inefficient?

Points that lie strictly below the frontier/curve are inefficient because the economy can produce more of at least one good without sacrificing the production of any other good with existing resources and technology. Points that lie on the frontier/curve are efficient.

What will not allow the economy to produce at points beyond the PPF?

PPF and the Pareto Efficiency

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Conversely any point outside the PPF curve is impossible because it represents a mix of commodities that will require more resources to produce than are currently obtainable.

What are attainable and unattainable combinations?

An attainable combination is the set or combination of two goods which is feasible by the economy to manufacture with the available resource allocation and technology. Unattainable combination is the combination of two goods which is not possible to be produced with allocated resource and available technology.

Which of the following gives the bowed outward shape to the PPF?

The production possibilities curve is bowed in shape because of the law of increasing opportunity cost which explains the idea that the more units of a product are produced the less capability the economy has of producing other products.

Which point is unattainable on PPF?

Points outside the PPF such as point G are unattainable. We can produce at any point inside the PPF or on the frontier. Full employment occurs when all the available factors of production are being used. Unemployment occurs when some factors of production are not used.

Why is PPF bowed outward?

The PPF is bowed outward because resources are not all equally productive in all activities. … The more we produce of either good the less productive are the additional resources we use and the larger is the opportunity cost of one unit of that good. Could a PPF be a line?

Is inefficient and unattainable the same thing?

Key takeaways. A production possibilities frontier or PPF defines the set of possible combinations of goods and services a society can produce given the resources available. Choices outside the PPF are unattainable (at least in any sustainable way) and choices inside the PPF are inefficient.

Why does scarcity exist?

Scarcity exists when human wants for goods and services exceed the available supply. People make decisions in their own self-interest weighing benefits and costs.

What points are efficient and attainable?

Points A B and C are efficient and attainable. Point X is inefficient but attainable. We are not using all of our resources because they are either unemployed or misallocated.

Why is it inefficient for an economy to be inside the production possibilities frontier?

However any choice inside the production possibilities frontier is productively inefficient and wasteful because it is possible to produce more of one good the other good or some combination of both goods.

What does every point outside a PPF represent?

What does every point outside a PPF represent? an unattainable production possibility. When a country’s economy grows what happens to a PPF? It shifts to the right. What are the factors of production?

What does a point outside the PPF curve represent?

A point outside the production possibilities curve represents a combination of goods that is: unattainable. … If an economy keeps increasing its capital stock/number of workers/technology/natural resources then over time its production possibilities curve will: shift to the right.

What do points on a PPC represent?

The Production Possibilities Curve (PPC) is a model that captures scarcity and the opportunity costs of choices when faced with the possibility of producing two goods or services. Points on the interior of the PPC are inefficient points on the PPC are efficient and points beyond the PPC are unattainable.

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Whats the definition of attainable?

adjective. capable of being attained or accomplished. “choose an attainable goal” synonyms: come-at-able possible. capable of happening or existing.

Do all attainable combinations point to the same level of output?

Answer: No. Explanation: Attainable combination are split in 2 on the ppc and inside the ppc. The point on the curve means that the resources and technology is used fully to its capability.

How can the non attainable combinations be converted into attainable combinations?

Answer: The point inside the curve means that the resources and technology is not used fully thus giving lessmoutput and point on curve gives us maximum output. Therefore the output level of both attainable combination is different.

Why does the PPF bow outward and what does that imply about the relationship between opportunity cost and the quantity produced?

A PPF curve is downward sloping that is it shows a negative relationship between the goods. This implies as the production of one good increases the quantity produced of the other good decreases. Also a PPF is bows outward which implies that there is an increasing opportunity cost of production.

When a production possibilities frontier is bowed outward?

A production possibilities frontier will be bowed outward if some of the economy’s resources are better suited to producing one good than another. The gains from specialization and trade are based on absolute advantage.

What explains the bowed out shape of the production possibilities curve?

A production possibilities curve shows the combinations of two goods an economy is capable of producing. … The bowed-out shape of the production possibilities curve results from allocating resources based on comparative advantage. Such an allocation implies that the law of increasing opportunity cost will hold.

Why are certain combinations of resources unattainable?

C) A combination of goods is Unattainable if it cannot possibly be produced with the currently available resources and technology. … When one person/country has a comparative advantage over another in the production of a good if the opportunity cost of producing a good is “lower” for one person or country over another.

Would a business’s decision to trade cause a change to its PPF?

The production possibilities frontier (PPF) is curved because the cost of production is not constant. If every trade-off were the same it would create a straight line. But the direction that PPF is curved comes from the way that the trade-offs change.

What do points inside the frontier represent?

Points located on or inside the production possibilities frontier represent feasible output combinations. Therefore both inefficient output combinations and efficient output combinations are feasible but not all feasible points are efficient.

Why is the PPF convex?

The production possibility curve is convex outward from the origin because some of the economy’s resources are better able to produce good X than good Y while other resources in the economy are better able to produce good Y than good X.

Why is the PPF negatively sloped and bowed out explain with the help of an example?

The negative slope of the PPF illustrates the fact that larger quantities of cars correspond to a smaller amount of milk and vice versa. This happens because all the economy’s resources are already in use and therefore obtaining more cars would always require sacrificing some milk.

Why is the PPF bowed out quizlet?

Why is a production possibilities frontier bowed out​ (concave)? The bowed shape reflects increasing opportunity cost. … a lower opportunity cost in producing that product than someone else.

What is an unattainable result?

(ʌnəteɪnəbəl ) adjective. If you say that something is unattainable you mean that it cannot be achieved or is not available.

Why is it not recommended to be outside of the frontier?

Points outside the production possibilities frontier are not feasible given the current levels of inputs in the economy and current technology. … As an economy creates new ideas (or receives them from other countries) on how to produce goods more cheaply then it can produce more goods.

What is production possibilities frontier example?

Definition and Examples of the Production Possibilities Curve. The curve measures the trade-off between producing one good versus another. For example say an economy produces 20 000 oranges and 120 000 apples. … If it wants to produce more oranges it must produce fewer apples.

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Why is scarcity central to the study of economics?

A scarcity is a situation in which unlimited wants excess the limited resources avalable to fulfilit those wants. Since resources are limited with respect to our wants we have to make choices. The idea of scarcity is central to economics because is the study of choices people make to attain their goals.

What is scarcity and why does it exist quizlet?

Scarcity exists only because people’s wants are greater than the resources available to satisfy their wants. Scarcity is the condition resulting from infinite wants clashing with finite resources.

Why does scarcity exist Brainly?

Explanation: Scarcity means there aren’t enough resources to go round. This is because of the basic economic problem: humans have infinite needs and wants but only have a finite amount of resources to meet them. … Everything is limited and so scarcity exists.

Which point on the graph is not attainable?

A point on the curve is efficient and easily attainable by implementing all resources. A point that lies above or on the right side of the PPF is not attainable because the economy falls short of resources or technology to produce that level of output. The maximum capacity of the economy has already been exhausted.

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