Who Is Ikemefuna

Who Is Ikemefuna?

Ikemefuna is a fifteen-year-old boy from a neighboring clan Mbaino who is given up to Umuofia as a sacrifice for killing one of the women of Umuofia. He lives with Okonkwo’s family for three years before the elders order him to be killed.

What is Ikemefuna role in Okonkwo’s family?

Ikemefuna quickly becomes a well-loved member of the family. He serves as a role model for Okonkwo’s eldest son Nwoye and over time he also earns Okonkwo’s respect. But more important than the role he plays in Okonkwo’s family is the effect his death has on the unfolding events of the novel.

Who is Ikemefuna’s father?

His lack of confidence stems from his father Unoka who was rather indolent and not exactly brave. Okonkwo doesn’t rescue Ikemefuna because he doesn’t want to seem soft or weak like his father. To demonstrate his strength and toughness Okonkwo instead kills Ikemefuna his foster son with a machete.

What might Ikemefuna symbolize?

In Things Fall Apart Ikemefuna symbolizes the innocent victims who are unjustly treated by traditional Igbo society before it falls apart. This demonstrates that while the Igbo culture is rich and complex it is also brutal and arbitrary.

What did Ikemefuna teach Nwoye?

He is a talented storyteller and musician and shows Nwoye how to make flutes out of bamboo. He is also clever and teaches Nwoye the names of different birds and how to build traps to catch small animals. Ikemefuna therefore becomes like a big brother to Nwoye the kind of a role model that his father could never be.

Who is Chielo to Okonkwo?

Chinua Achebe’s 1958 novel Things Fall Apart traces the life of Okonkwo an Igbo man living in the Nigerian village of Umuofia. Another character in the novel is Chielo priestess and oracle of the goddess Agbala. Chielo is a widow and mother and is often possessed by the goddess.

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Why is Ikemefuna so afraid?

Ikemefuna is quite frightened especially because he does not understand what has happened or why he is in Umuofia separated from his family. … In his family compound Okonkwo lives in a hut of his own and each of his three wives lives in a hut of her own with her children.

What is Okonkwo’s greatest fear?

Perhaps down in his heart Okonkwo was not a cruel man. But his whole life was dominated by fear the fear of failure and of weakness.

Why was Ikemefuna taken from his village?

(Click the character infographic to download.) Ikemefuna is a fifteen-year-old boy from a neighboring clan Mbaino who is given up to Umuofia as a sacrifice for killing one of the women of Umuofia. He lives with Okonkwo’s family for three years before the elders order him to be killed.

How has the killing of Ikemefuna affected Okonkwo?

Following Ikemefuna’s death Okonkwo loses his appetite and does not eat any food for the next two days only drinking palm wine from the morning to the evening. Okonkwo’s relationship with Nwoye is permanently ruined and he cannot sleep at night. Okonkwo also becomes ill and cannot stop thinking about Ikemefuna.

What was Ikemefuna’s influence on the community?

The character of Ikemefuna had a very significant role in the character development of Owkonko and Nwoye and showed the importance of Ibo culture. Ikemefuna brought out Okonkwo’s humane side. Nwoye became a more masculine individual. The strictness of the Ibo culture was shown through Ikemefuna’s actions.

Who is Nwoye’s mother?

Family Trees

Okonkwo had three wives. His first wife is never named but simply referred to as ”first wife” or ”Nwoye’s mother. ” As is apparent by her names the first wife was there to bear children for her husband. They have three children: two sons and a daughter.

What did Mr Brown do in things fall apart?

Mr. Brown the first white missionary to travel to Umuofia institutes a policy of respect and compromise between the church and the clansmen. He engages in long religious discussions with Akunna in order to understand the Igbo traditions and he builds a school and a hospital in Umuofia.

Who is Ezeudu?

Ogbuefi Ezeudu is the oldest man in the village in ”Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. He serves as a repository of knowledge for the Umuofia clan and he is a conduit for information about other clans in the area.

What is Chi in TFA?

The chi is an individual’s personal god whose merit is determined by the individual’s good fortune or lack thereof. Along the lines of this interpretation one can explain Okonkwo’s tragic fate as the result of a problematic chi —a thought that occurs to Okonkwo at several points in the novel.

Was Ikemefuna a bad influence nwoye?

True or false: Ikemefuna was a bad influence on Nwoye. He taught Nwoye to be defiant and rebellious. How did Okonkwo feel about Ikemefuna’s influence on Nwoye? He was inwardly pleased although he would not show it.

How is Mr Smith different from Mr Brown?

Reverend Smith is strict and uncompromising the opposite of Mr. Brown who was kind compassionate and accommodating. Reverend Smith is a stereotypical fire-and-brimstone preacher: “He [sees] things as black and white. … Brown’s preceding compassion toward the Igbo people and his understanding of their beliefs.

Why do Ikemefuna and a virgin come to Umuofia?

Ikemefuna becomes Okonkwo’s adopted son through a dispute between the village of Umuofia and a neighboring village Mbaino. After a woman from Umuofia is murdered in the Mbaino market Okonkwo travels to Mbaino and demands that the village surrender a virgin and a young man in order to avoid war with Umuofia.

What happens to twins born in Umuofia?

What happen to twins born in Umuofia? twins are thought to be evil. They are taken to the Evil Forest and left to die.

Who won the final match in Chapter 6?


As the two leaders Ikezue and Okafu struggle it looks like they will be evenly matched again this year—until Ikezue grows desperate and makes a mistake and Okafu wins the match. Everyone carries him off singing a song celebrating the strength and fighting prowess of Okafu.

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Who found Okonkwo dead?

Obierika leads the way with five or six others and the Commissioner follows along with his men. They’re led to a tree behind Okonkwo’s compound where they find Okonkwo’s body dangling.

How many wives Okonkwo have?

three wives

Okonkwo -The protagonist Okonkwo has a warrior complex and is a leader of the Igbo community of Umuofia. He despises his father Unoka because he sees his as lazy and weak. He has three wives and many children. Ekwefi – She’s the second wife to Okonkwo and the mother to his daughter Ezinma.

Is Okonkwo a good father?

Okonkwo is a good father in that he is an extremely hard-working man that is able to financially provide for his family. He is a respected member of the community and he embraces his leadership roles. Okonkwo also recognizes traits in his own father that he doesn’t like and he works at not emulating those behaviors.

On what character does Ikemefuna have a positive effect?

Ikemefuna had a positive effect on Nwoye Okonkwo’s eldest son. Because of Ikemefuna Nwoye became a tougher more masculine young man.

Did Ikemefuna know what was about to happen?

In my opinion Ikemefuna did not know what was about to happen. If he did he would’ve acted up. … Okonkwo is very superstitious and he is warned not to have anything to do with Ikemefuna’s death but everyone knows his fate already. Okonkwo refuses to appear weak and so he will proceed anyway to keep his pride.

How does nwoye feel about Ikemefuna?

Nwoye loved Ikemefuna like a brother and Okonkwo had effectively become the boy’s father. … It descended on him again this feeling when his father walked in that night after killing Ikemefuna.

How did Ikemefuna death impact nwoye?

Nwoye is devastated to learn about Ikemefuna’s death and becomes severely depressed. Achebe writes that “something had given way inside him” after Ikemefuna’s death and he begins to resent his father and the Igbo culture. … Ikemefuna was treated like a member of the family and Okonkwo grew very fond of the boy.

What chapter does Okonkwo beat his wife?

fifth chapter
In the fifth chapter of Things Fall Apart Okonkwo once again shows how he is different from his father Unoka he beats and then nearly shoots his wife because of his own insecurity and anxiousness about not working during the Feast of the New Yam.Jan 27 2021

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Who is Chielo and why is she important to the tribe?

Chielo. A priestess in Umuofia who is dedicated to the Oracle of the goddess Agbala. Chielo is a widow with two children. She is good friends with Ekwefi and is fond of Ezinma whom she calls “my daughter.” At one point she carries Ezinma on her back for miles in order to help purify her and appease the gods.

Who is Okonkwo’s cousin?


Kiaga assumes responsibility for the Mbanta congregation. As the number of converts grows Nwoye secretly becomes more attracted to the religion and wants to attend Sunday church service but he fears the wrath of his father if he enters the church. One day Okonkwo’s cousin sees Nwoye inside the Christian church.

Who is Okonkwo’s son?


Nwoye Okonkwo’s oldest son struggles in the shadow of his powerful successful and demanding father. His interests are different from Okonkwo’s and resemble more closely those of Unoka his grandfather.

What is akunna God?

Akunna and Mr. Brown agree on several points. ‘You say that there is one supreme God who made heaven and earth ’ Akunna says. ‘We also believe in Him and call Him Chukwu…. He made all the world and the other gods.

What is the name of the Umuofians Supreme God?

Brown. “Chukwu is the only God and all others are false.” As suggested by this dialogue in Chapter 21 Mr. Brown earns respect from Umuofia’s clansmen by spending time with them learning about their beliefs.

Who was Mr Brown’s successor describe his character?

Brown’s successor Reverend Smith is zealous vengeful small-minded and manipulative he thus stands in contrast to Mr. Brown who on the other hand is benevolent if not always beneficent. Mr. Brown succeeds in winning a large number of converts because he listens to the villagers’ stories beliefs and opinions.

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