Who Wrote Island Of The Blue Dolphins


Who is the author of the book The Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Scott O’Dell

Is Island of the Blue Dolphins a true story?

Island of the Blue Dolphins is a work of historical fiction based on the life of an American Indian woman who spent 18 years in isolation on San Nicolas Island one of eight Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. In the book she’s named Karana.

Who is telling the story of the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Karana (also Won-a-pa-lei)

The protagonist and narrator of the book Karana spends eighteen years as the only living person on the island of the blue dolphins.

When did Scott Odell write Island of the Blue Dolphins?


Island of the Blue Dolphins was O’Dell’s first children’s book written in 1960. Island of the Blue Dolphins is based on the true story of The Lost Woman of San Nicolas. From 1835 to 1853 a Native American woman lived alone on an island off the Californian coast known as La Isla de San Nicolas.

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Why did Scott O’Dell wrote Island of the Blue Dolphins?

He also worked as a book editor for The Los Angeles Daily News and as a book columnist for The Los Angeles Times. Not long ago Mr. O’Dell established the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction a prize of $5 000 that he will award yearly to the author of an outstanding work of historical fiction for young readers.

Why is it called Island of the Blue Dolphins?

By Scott O’Dell

In this way the title reflects the worldview that Karana will come to adopt: that the island doesn’t belong to her (if we want to get technical about it the title implies that the island really belongs to the blue dolphins) but to all the living creatures on it and near it.

What happened to Juana Maria’s tribe?

In 1835 Juana Maria’s entire tribe was removed from San Nicolas Island. They didn’t leave by choice: Catholic priests on the mainland specifically requested that the entire Nicoleño tribe be evacuated. The priests’ motivations remain unclear.

What tribe was Karana?

In his award-winning book O’Dell called her Karana. But that woman of San Nicolas is as famous for her namelessness as for the lonely adventure she endured. Long before Cabrillo “discovered” the Channel Islands in the 1500s the Nicoleño a tribe thought to have lived there for 10 000 years inhabited them.

What happened to Juana Maria after she was discovered?

Death. Just seven weeks after arriving on the mainland Juana Maria died of dysentery in Garey California. Nidever claimed her fondness for green corn vegetables and fresh fruit after years of little such nutrient-laden food caused the severe and ultimately fatal illness.

What vow did Karana make to herself?

When the wild dogs kill Ramo Karana swears to herself that one day she will kill them all. Although she is motivated partially by a desire protect her own safety there is a vindictive air to her vow.

How did Karana tame Rontu?

Rontu walks to Karana’s feet and dies. Later Karana spots a wild dog that looks like Rontu. She decides he must be Rontu’s son. Karana traps him and trains him calling him Rontu-Aru.

Why did the Aleuts come to the island?

The Aleuts have come to the island of the blue dolphins to hunt otter for their pelts and Karana describes their hunting methods.

How long did it take Scott O’Dell to write Island of the Blue Dolphins?

It is titled Woman of Spain. It took O’Dell more than ten years to write and publish his second book Hill of the Hawk (1947) and eleven more years to publish his final adult novel The Sea is Red (1958).

What is Scott O Dell’s full name?

O’Dell Gabriel Scott

Scott O’Dell
Born O’Dell Gabriel Scott May 23 1898 Los Angeles California U.S.
Died October 15 1989 (aged 91) Mount Kisco New York U.S.
Occupation Writer
Nationality American

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Is Scott O’Dell still alive?

Deceased (1898–1989)

What does the Scott O’Dell award recognize?

The Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction is an annual American children’s book award that recognizes historical fiction. … Eligibility for the award requires that a book be written in English for children or young adults published by an American publisher and the author must be a United States citizen.

Does Scott O’Dell have children?

He was a book editor for The Los Angeles Daily News and a book columnist for The Los Angeles Times. He is survived by his wife Elizabeth Hall a daughter Susan Anderson of Cohocton N.Y. a son David Mason of Los Angeles a sister Lucile Flagg of Rancho Bernardo Calif. and seven grandchildren.

Where did Scott O’Dell live?


What is karanas fake name?

“Juana Maria” is what the missionaries christened her when she came to their mission in her 40s. With her real name lost O’Dell opted to call her fictional doppelgänger Karana.

What is Karana’s secret name?

As Tutok turns to leave she asks Karana’s name Karana tells her “Won-a-pa-lei.” Tutok comes day after day and soon the time approaches for her to leave the island. At this point Karana reveals her secret name. Karana makes a circlet of shells for Tutok who is grateful to receive such a beautiful gift.

Where was Island of the Blue Dolphins filmed?

The film stars Celia Kaye Larry Domasin Ann Daniel Carlos Romero George Kennedy and Hal John Norman. The film was released on July 3 1964 by Universal Pictures. The producer and director had previously collaborated on A Dog of Flanders and Misty. The film was shot in Gualala California.

Who lived on San Nicolas?

Nicoleño people
History. Archaeological evidence suggests that San Nicolas Island has been occupied by humans for at least 10 000 years. For thousands of years San Nicolas was the home of the Nicoleño people who were probably related to the Tongva of the mainland and Santa Catalina Island.

How did Karana get off the island?

Karana decides to meet them and she prepares to leave the island. She puts on her otter cape cormorant skin dress and black stone necklace. … The men want to hunt sea otters but the otters have gone away. On the tenth day the ship leaves the island with Karana her dog Rontu-aru and her two birds in their cage.

How old is Ramo in island of the Blue Dolphins?


Lesson Summary

Ramo is a curious and mischievous six-year-old boy who is the proud informant of everything that happens on the island.

Who was Karana based on?

O’Dell’s heroine was based on a real-life figure who became an international sensation in the 19th century: the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island. Newspaper readers in that era would have heard of a woman who lived undiscovered on an island without human contact for 18 years.

Where is the lone woman of San Nicolas buried?

October 19 1853

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Is Karana real?

Some have called her “Karana.” Others “Juana Maria.” Still others simply “The Lone Woman.” Yet her true name remains unknown. … He based the story on the legend of a 19th-century Native American woman who lived alone for 18 years on remote San Nicolas Island off the coast of California.

What is the lexile of Island of the Blue Dolphins?


This book’s Lexile measure is 1000L and is frequently taught in the 4th to 7th grade. Students in these grades should be reading texts that have reading demand of 780L through 1140L to be college and career ready by the end of Grade 12.

How does Island of the Blue Dolphins end?

Soon after an earthquake hits the island and though her canoes are destroyed Karana and Rontu-Aru survive. Two more years pass and Karana finally gets her happy ending.

Why did Karana burn the village?

Karana destroys the village because it reminds her “of all the people who (are) dead and those who (are) gone”. She burns it down so that she will no longer hear “their voices speaking” and so that she can move on. All the members of her tribe had gone away on a ship with the white men.

What happens to Karana’s brother when he goes out to get a canoe?

What happens to Karana’s brother when he goes out to get a canoe? He is killed by the wild dogs.

Why do all the villagers go hide by the canoes?

Since the villagers can’t defend themselves against another attack a plan is made to run away to Santa Catalina if the Aleuts return. Canoes and supplies are hidden on the rocks at the south end of the island just for this reason – a quick getaway.

What kind of dog was Rontu?

Aleut dog

Rontu is the former pet of the Aleutian hunters. “He was a much larger dog than any of ours ” Karana tells us “which besides have short hair and brown eyes. I was sure that he was an Aleut dog” (15.3). Rontu used to belong to the Aleut.

Who killed Rontu?

Rontu gets attacked by the devilfish. Rontu walks the cliffs with Karana. When the Aleuts return to town Rontu meets up with his former owner Tutok. Rontu dies.

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