Why Did The Search For Montag Veer Inland

Why Did The Search For Montag Veer Inland?

Why does the search for Montag veer inland away from the river? They lost his scent so they look for an unsuspecting scapegoat so that the public doesn’t think Montag got away. … He knows that Montag escaped the depths of a soulless society also they claim to have killed Montag but obviously he is alive.

Why had the search veered inland?

Why did the search for Montag veer inland? The search veered inland in order to find a scapegoat for Montag who would be brought to justice for his crimes and the people who were watching the search would have little to no interest if it had continued.

What happens to the search for Montag?

Montag runs to Faber’s house first asking him to leave town and seeking advice on his next step. … The Hound is unable to track Montag once his scent is lost in the river. Montag continues on to join the Book People. In an attempt to save face the government uses the Mechanical Hound to kill a “fake” Montag on camera.

How did Montag get caught?

Beatty orders Montag to burn the house by himself with his flamethrower and warns that the Hound is on the watch for him if he tries to escape. Montag burns everything and when he is finished Beatty places him under arrest.

Why did Montag go to the river?

Montag runs toward the river having the advantage of being able to watch and see the Mechanical Hound’s whereabouts on the television screens that are following the live drama.

Why did Montag want Faber to turn on the AC and sprinklers?

Montag wants Faber to do various things to destroy Montag’s scent. By turning on the air conditioning he will recirculate the air and Montag’s scent will be diluted. By turning on the sprinklers he will wash Montag’s scent off the sidewalk.

What does Montag see in the portable viewer?

What does Montag see in the portable viewer? He watches the chase being filmed from a police helicopter.

How does Montag know the city is searching for him?

Montag is able to watch the Hound track him by glancing through people’s house windows into their TV parlors. … As Montag continues to run toward the river he hears an announcement on his Seashell radio telling everyone to get up and look out their doors and windows for him on the count of ten.

Who was searching for Montag?

It is ironic that Captain Beatty has ordered the mechanical hound to search for Montag because at one time Montag was a fireman who use to burn books along with Beatty and the other firemen. The mechanical hound is programmed to sniff out people who have books and at the…

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How did the police search for Montag end?

How do the police finally catch “Montag”? They don’t actually catch Montag–they catch an innocent man that they claim is Montag and kill him. What does Granger mean by “Welcome back from the dead”?

What question did Montag ask Mildred in bed?

As he lays in bed he faces Mildred who is zoned out listening to her Seashell headset on full blast. He begins to view her as a stranger and asks her if she can remember the first time they met when and where. Mildred says she can’t remember and laughs it off.

What is Montag’s theory on why the hound reacted the way it did?

What is Montag’s theory on why the Hound reacted the way it did? He says it doesn’t like him.

What does Montag’s daydream about watching himself get caught by the Mechanical Hound on TV reveal about his mental state?

It holds a bizarre fascination to contemplate witnessing his own demise. The fact that the concept seems so familiar and is oddly comforting shows that mentally Montag has not fully left his old life. It also shows that he is exhausted from running almost ready to give up and borderline suicidal.

What is the symbolism of the things that Montag does in the river?

Montag’s journey in the river seems to be a baptism of sorts as it frees him from the shackles and chains of his former life. The river however is only the vessel in which Montag travels to the heart of the forest.

What reason does Montag give for why Beatty taunts him?

Beatty taunts Montag after an alarm is called in on his own house. Montag suspects that his wife has called in the alarm his boss Beatty instructs him to burn his own house. He warns him that the mechanical hound is after him and that if he tries to escape the hound will catch him.

What finally happens while Montag is floating in the river what does he decide?

As Montag is floating down the river he notices for the first time in many years the remarkable number of stars in the sky as he finally has an opportunity to let his mind rest. … So if he burnt things with the firemen and the sun burnt Time that meant that everything burned! One of them had to stop burning.

Who died in Montag’s place?

Montag burned Beatty’s body because Beatty had threatened to find and kill Faber. 6.

What does Beatty want Montag to do why what does Faber want Montag to do why can’t Montag do what Faber tells him to do?

What does Faber want Montag to do? Why can’t Montag do what Faber tells him to do? wants Montag to try to run away but Montag can’t because the Mechanical Hound will be after him.

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Why does Faber say Montag’s plan won’t work?

Why does Faber say Montag’s plan won’t work? The plan that Faber and Montag have is to plant books in the homes of firemen so that the firemen will get arrested and there will be no one to enforce the anti-book laws. The plan is not enacted because Montag is arrested when the fire run is to his house.

Why is Granger’s statement to Montag welcome back from the dead ironic?

Why is Granger’s statement to Montag (“Welcome back from the dead.”) ironic? It is ironic because they just saw someone innocent be killed in place for Montag. How do Granger and the others preserve books? Granger and the others preserve the books by remembering them with their photographic memory.

What makes the war and its end so unreal to Montag and his companions?

What makes the war and its end so unreal to Montag and his companions? … Montag’s recent experiences have given him knowledge and experiences they don’t have. Why do you think that the old men fall in behind Montag on their journey back to the city.

What technique does the government use to find Montag?

Little does he realize that Montag finds a certain perverse satisfaction in torching the interior of his home — especially the television screens. Meanwhile Faber continually urges Montag to escape but Montag is hesitant because the Mechanical Hound is on the prowl.

What was different about the hobos Montag met?

The hobos are different because they are men commited to books and the knowledge contained within them. They have memorized sections of books to insure the information is not lost and they plan to pass the information onto their children so it is not lost.

What does Montag find in the woods?

In Part Three of Fahrenheit 451 Montag meets a group of men in the woods. These men consist of former college professors who are ostracised from society because of their opposition to censorship.

What things did Montag think about as he drifted down the river?

List the things Montag thinks about as he drifts down the river? Montag began to think of all the things he needed time to think things to eat the ways he needed to change his life.

How did the police find Montag?

The other Salamander engines are roaring in the distance looking for Montag and the sound of police cars “cutting across town” comes to Montag. This would be similar to S.W.A.T. teams that are called out to pursue a criminal on the loose.

What do the police do when they Cannot find Montag?

What do the police do when they cannot find Montag? They order a lockdown of the city. … They identify another man as Montag and have him killed.

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How does Montag’s view of fire change?

Fire represents change which is shown through Montag’s symbolic change from using fire to burn knowledge into using fire to help him find knowledge fire can represent knowledge as demonstrated through Faber and fire can represent rebirth of knowledge as shown through the phoenix.

Why is it necessary for the government to have a scapegoat for Montag’s crimes?

Granger mentions that Montag stumped the authorities who cannot admit that they’ve failed to capture the criminal. It is important for the government to maintain an image of control authority and success which is why they search for a scapegoat.

How do the police keep the citizens from knowing that Montag escaped?

What does Montag do at Mrs. … How do the poilice keep the citizens from knowing that Montag escaped? They kill another person and set him up as Montag. What have all of Granger’s friends memorized?

How does Montag escape the police and the Hound?

On spotting the helicopters’ lights hovering above the river he knew the hound had got to the river and so he submerged himself in the water until they retreated. Montag was pushed further and further away to safety. That is how he managed to escape from the mechanical hounds on both occasions.

What is Montag’s wife doing while she sleeps?

He finds his wife Mildred in bed listening to earplug radios called “Seashells ” just as he has found her every night for the past two years. By her bed he accidentally kicks an empty bottle of sleeping pills and calls the hospital just as a sonic boom from a squadron of jet bombers shakes the house.

What page does Montag burn the old lady?

Page numbers vary depending on edition but it is in part 1 of the book on page 48 in my edition about a third of a way through the novel. It is the third in the series of incidents that cause Montag to profoundly question how he is living.

What did the old woman do in Fahrenheit 451?

In Fahrenheit 451 the old woman chooses to burn with her books in order to voice her opposition to the practice of book burning. This obviously has a negative effect on Montag and he is overwhelmed by guilt.

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