Why Is The Geographic Structure Of A Population Important?


Why Is The Geographic Structure Of A Population Important??

Geographic structure of populations is a fundamental component of ecology and evolution that combines both demographic and genetic processes such as gene flow and migration genetic drift selection and population extinction.

Why is population geography important?

Population Geography helps to understand the various facets pertaining to the spatial variation in the distribution of the human population across the Earth with reference to the physical cultural and socio-economic environment.

Why is population structure important?


If populations are subdivided they can evolve apart somewhat independently. Population structure allows populations to diversify. This is the reason why population structure is a very important part of evolutionary genetics.

What is population structure geography?

Population structure means the ‘make up’ or composition of a population. Looking at the population structure of a place shows how the population is divided up between males and females of different age groups. Population structure is usually shown using a population pyramid.

What is the main focus of population geography?

Population geography relates spatial variations in the distribution composition migration and growth of populations to the terrain. Population geography involves demography in a geographical perspective. It focuses on the characteristics of population distributions that change in a spatial context.

What are three reasons that make the study of population geography so important?

In regards to population growth geographers emphasize three elements: the population size the rate of increase of world population the unequal distribution of population growth. Geographers seek to explain why these patterns exist.

Why it is important for us to study about population in geography?

Because population has a huge impact on our lives it is an important part of geography. Geographers who study human populations are particularly interested in patterns that emerge over time. They study such information as how many people live in an area why people live where they do and how popu- lations change.

Why it is important to consider the age structure of the human population?

The age structure of a population is an important factor in population dynamics. Age structure is the proportion of a population at different age ranges. Age structure allows better prediction of population growth plus the ability to associate this growth with the level of economic development in the region.

How does population structure affect evolution?

Ecological factors exert a range of effects on the dynamics of the evolutionary process. … By comparing population structures that amplify selection with other population structures both analytically and numerically we show that evolution can slow down substantially even in populations where selection is amplified.

What causes population structure?

Population structure commonly arises from physical separation by distance or barriers like mountains and rivers followed by genetic drift. Other causes include gene flow from migrations population bottlenecks and expansions founder effects evolutionary pressure random chance and (in humans) cultural factors.

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What is the importance of economic structure of population?

The importance of the economic structure of the population:

A certain size of a population is needed to maintain a prosperous state and thus the goal should be to increase population growth while maintaining its individual quality and standard of life rather than decreasing it to maintain them.

How do you describe the structure of a population?

Population structure is defined by the organization of genetic variation and is driven by the combined effects of evolutionary processes that include recombination mutation genetic drift demographic history and natural selection.

What is population structure of a country?

The population structure of a country is how it is made up of people of different ages and of males and females. The most common method to show the structure is by using a population pyramid. This graph is made up by putting two bar graphs (one for male one for female) side by side.

How does geography affect a population?

Geography doesn’t just determine whether humans can live in a certain area or not it also determines people’s lifestyles as they adapt to the available food and climate patterns. As humans have migrated across the planet they have had to adapt to all the changing conditions they were exposed to.

Why is population important in research?

Having a sample that is representative of the target population is important for researchers to be able to generalize results found from observations of the sample to the target population. … Therefore the researcher should take special care to ensure that those characteristics are represented in the sample.

What is the importance of population?

Why is population important ? The total number of people living in a particular area in a particular time is known as the population. The population is one of the important factors which helps to balance the environment the population should in a balance with the means and resources .

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Why do geographers use population pyramids?

A population pyramid can be used to compare differences between male and female populations of an area. They also show the number of dependents (children and sometimes elderly people) and general structure of the population at any given moment.

What do geographers use to understand how population is distributed?

Arithmetic density physiological density and agricultural density. Arithmetic density? Purposes? Total number of objects in an area population / land area allows geographers to compare the number of people trying to live on a given piece of land in different regions of the world.

When might geographers characterize a country as overpopulated?

the population numbers more than 100 million and there is concern about the finite limits of natural resources although the resources available in the country seem adequate to that population.

Why it is important to study the population growth of the country?

First studying how and why populations grow (or shrink!) helps scientists make better predictions about future changes in population sizes and growth rates. … Studying population growth also helps scientists understand what causes changes in population sizes and growth rates.

How does geography affect the population of a place write with example?

These features include vegetation climate the local water cycle and land formations. Geography doesn’t just determine whether humans can live in a certain area or not it also determines people’s lifestyles as they adapt to the available food and climate patterns.

Why is the study of population important in a country?

Population data is essential for planning purposes. Any country needs to know the size and composition of its population – around age and sex structure among other factors. … That helps to plan how many schools clinics hospitals and jobs a country needs.

Why the study of age structure is important?

Answer : The study of age structure plays a very important role in the demographic statistics. The study of age structure indices helps to plan for the development of the economic and cultural life of the society.

What is the purpose of an age structure diagram?

One of the tools that demographers use to understand population is the age structure diagram (it is sometimes called a population pyramid but it is not always pyramidal in shape). This diagram shows the distribution by ages of females and males within a certain population in graphic form.

What does the age structure pyramid tell us about the population and its future?

A broad-based pyramid indicates that people in the younger age categories make up a relatively large proportion of the population and a narrow or pointed top indicates that older people make up a relatively small proportion of the population.

What is meant by population structure or composition?

Population composition is the description of a population according to characteristics such as age and sex. These data are often compared over time using population pyramids.

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What can a population pyramid tell you about a country?

Population pyramids show the structure of a population by comparing relative numbers of people in different age groups. Population structures differ markedly between Less Economically Developed Countries LEDCs and More Economically Developed Countries MEDCs . … A population pyramid tells us how many dependants there are.

What are the factors that influence population growth and structure?

Population growth rate is affected by birth rates death rates immigration and emigration.

What are the three population structure?

There are three types of population pyramids: expansive constrictive and stationary.

Why is population considered as the most important aspect for development?

Population or the group of people that are living in a geo-political area are an important resource for development because population provides human capita.

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