5 Best Islands In Johor (Malaysia) You Should Visit

As imperative as it is to work, rest is also essential. Rest does not necessarily mean taking a nap or sleeping. Rest can be generally said to be taking a break from work.  Johor is a wonderful state in the south of Malaysia.

In this article, I will be bringing to your notice the best islands in Johor where you can take a break from the stress of work. This article would be mentioning the best islands, their characteristics and why you should visit the islands.

Langkawi Island

An island is definitely surrounded by a vast body of waters and Langkawi island is not an exception to this phenomenon. Langkawi island houses the most gorgeous cascades and wood valleys on the planet. Langkawi is a breathtaking location in Malaysia. Sometimes Langkawi  island is popularly referred to as the (Gem of Kedah).

Lankawi island is noted for its characteristic location in Johor as it is nearly 30 kilometers from the west of central surroundings.

 Langkawi island itself is known for its open doors. This island is in synchronization with three significant seasons which are: the dry season is November, the mid-season is from April to July and the wet season from August to October.

The dry season offers a lot of sunlight with a good temperature range for tourists. The ocean water is consistent and ideal for water sports like swimming and fly skiing.

The dry season is the best time to visit Langkawi Island. The mid-season has little rainfalls and the temperatures are not high.

Tengah Island

A beautiful Island for a much needed weekend getaway is the Tengah Island also known as Batu Batu located in the Johor Marine Park. Tengah island is an island to learn as it teaches and instills a sense of deep respect for nature. Tengah Island is ideal for a lazy vacation with cocktails and a good movie. But if you are faced with geo-restrictions on your holiday, get VeePN VPN to unblock the content you want. After all, this is a common problem when traveling around the world. VeePN is the best option to ensure the user’s privacy by preventing tourists’ private information from being stolen or tracked while they ate chilling on a weekend getaway in Johor Island afternoon.

Tengah means “rock” in the local Malay language, Batu Batu is a rustic island with a lovely scenery of coconut groves, rocky outcrops and fine sand beaches on the Island of Pulau Tengah off the east coast of Malaysia.

The Island is a manmade island due to the conscious effort of carpenters making use of  traditional techniques. The Island is home to biologists. Tourists wanting to explore the coral kingdoms of the South China Sea can pick this island as the perfect place for their weekend getaway.

Tourists can also relax and enjoy the quiet nature of the ocean, the music in the woods, absorb a little ocean breeze coming from the South China Ocean and also the sunlight during the day while on this island.

Sibu Island

For your weekend getaways, if you have not considered Sibu island, then you are not on track. Sibu Island is located on the east bank of Mersing. Mersing is a town in Malaysia in the continent of Asia.

Sibu island features 3 confidential sea shores and 7 separate little islands. Sibu Island has a resort two hours drive away from Johor. This resort possesses a mouth watering 121 fancy lumber chalets encompassed by lavish vegetation, cooled rooms generally accompanied by a digital television and minibar.

Tourists can have access to an unbelievable spa experience – quiet and loosening up environmental elements, peacefulness of its feeling, and unrivaled world – class medicines and a lot more for would-be tourists having a weekend getaway at the Sibu island.

With serenity and peacefulness as primary attractions, the actual island offers interminable opportunity and isolation that causes you to wait long after you leave.

Mensirip Island

The island is located off Mersing, Pulau Mensirip is also part of the silvery heaven islands called Seri Buat. Mensirip is uninhabited and there are no man made constructions, buildings or archaeological designs to take note of.

Mensirip Island is considered the least often visited island in Johor. This island is a private property owned by the King of Johor who is Ruler Ibrahim Almarhum King Iskandar. The Ruler has added a part overtime in the underdevelopment of the island as he is strongly against.

Rawa Island

Wanting to relax from months of hard work? Take a look at another beautiful gift the East Asian Continent has bestowed unto the human populace is located in Johor in Malaysia and it is the most sought after Island in Johor.

The Rawa island is known to be 16 km off the east shore of Malaysia, it is a 4 hours drive from Singapore and a necessary 30-minute boat ride right to the island itself. One of the core features of this island is the safeguarded status of marine life. Poaching activities like fishing and fly skiing are not allowed on Rawa Island taboo. Nevertheless, there are a lot of worthwhile activities that can and would be done while on the island.

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