A Factory Is Emitting Large Amounts Of Cfcs Into The Atmosphere. How Might This Affect People?

Which type of pollution includes CFCs smog?

Air pollution causes include biological molecules particulates gases such as smog chlorofluorocarbons CFCs hydrochlorofluorocarbons HCFCs aerosols sprays etc. Smog and CFCs are the most common examples of air pollution.

Why are invasive species dangerous to the environment they pollute the environment?

Why are invasive species dangerous to the environment? … They outcompete native species for resources. They cause harm to property that can cause economic loss.

Why are invasive species dangerous to the environment Edgenuity?

Why are invasive species dangerous to the environment? They threaten biodiversity. A factory is emitting large amounts of CFCs into the atmosphere.

How do humans affect the environment quizlet?

Humans impact the environment in several ways. Common effects include decreased water quality increased pollution and greenhouse gas emissions depletion of natural resources and contribution to global climate change.

Which water source may become polluted as it travels over land?

Runoff becomes polluted as it travels over the earth.

Which gases contribute to the greenhouse effect quizlet?

The main gases in our atmosphere that contribute to the greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide methane nitrous oxide and water.

How does invasive species affect the environment?

Invasive species can harm both the natural resources in an ecosystem as well as threaten human use of these resources. … Invasive species are capable of causing extinctions of native plants and animals reducing biodiversity competing with native organisms for limited resources and altering habitats.

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Why are invasive species considered pollutants?

Just as chemicals may contaminate the air water or soil invasive plants and animals can overwhelm an ecosystem. … Once established invasive species may compete with native plants and animals for food habitat or other resources.

Why is invasive species a problem?

Invasive species are harmful to our natural resources (fish wildlife plants and overall ecosystem health) because they disrupt natural communities and ecological processes. … The invasive species can outcompete the native species for food and habitats and sometimes even cause their extinction.

Which type of pollution includes CFCs and smog quizlet?

Air pollution includes smog and CFCs.

How can an invasive species impact a local ecosystem Brainly?

invasive species can outcompete native species kill native plants and trees destroy habitat and over predate native species within a particular area potentially throwing an entire ecosystem out of balance.

What are the environmental impacts of mining?

Environmental effects of mining can occur at local regional and global scales through direct and indirect mining practices. The effects can result in erosion sinkholes loss of biodiversity or the contamination of soil groundwater and surface water by the chemicals emitted from mining processes.

What causes the greenhouse effect quizlet?

Green house gases such as carbon dioxide methane and oxides of nitrogen tend to absorb some of the reflected infrared radiation and re-reflect it back towards the earth. … This is what causes the greenhouse effect and it results in an increase in average mean temperature on earth.

What human activity contributes to air pollution?

Human activity is a major cause of air pollution especially in large cities. Human air pollution is caused by things such as factories power plants cars airplanes chemicals fumes from spray cans and methane gas from landfills. One of the ways that humans cause the most air pollution is by burning fossil fuels.

Which is a consequence of global warming quizlet?

Melting of polar icecaps Increased frequency of droughts hurricanes and cyclones and forest fires Decreased availability of water in tropical areas Increased crop yields Climate change will have serious effects on world food production Increasing CO₂ in the oceans and Genetic engineering research is ongoing to …

How does mining affect the environment quizlet?

Water-pollution problems caused by mining include acid mine drainage metal contamination and increased sediment levels in streams. … Environmental issues can include erosion formation of sinkholes loss of biodiversity and contamination of soil groundwater and surface water by chemicals from mining processes.

What process leads to deforestation and increase erosion quizlet?

Deforestation is basically the situation when trees are cut on a large scale. This explains that the process of urbanization mainly is responsible for deforestation. Having said that it is also responsible for increased erosion.

Which of the following are possible causes of global warming?

It is caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere mainly from human activities such as burning fossil fuels and farming.
  • Burning fossil fuels. …
  • Deforestation & Tree-Clearing.

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How is the atmosphere involved in the greenhouse effect quizlet?

Some of the infrared radiation is trapped by the atmosphere because it is absorbed by greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide water vapor methane). This absorption causes heat to be trapped which keeps Earth warm. Overall the greenhouse effect is a good thing because it keeps temperatures on Earth livable.

Which gases contribute to the greenhouse effect?

Overview of Greenhouse Gases
  • Overview.
  • Carbon Dioxide.
  • Methane.
  • Nitrous Oxide.
  • Fluorinated Gases.

Which gas will enhance the greenhouse effect if released into the atmosphere quizlet?

The trapped heat warms the earth. Human’s have intensified it by use of fossil fuels and farming. More green house gasses are released into the atmosphere (methane and co2) and trap more heat which is called the enhanced greenhouse effect.

How do invasive species affect the economy?

The economic and social impacts of invasive species include both direct effects of a species on property values agricultural productivity public utility operations native fisheries tourism and outdoor recreation as well as costs associated with invasive species control efforts.

How will increasing species diversity affect ecosystem?

Explanation: By increasing species diversity in an ecosystem both the efficiency and the productivity of an ecosystem will increase. A greater species richness and diversity may cause ecosystems to function more efficiently and productively by making more resources available for other species.

How invasive species do affects biodiversity?

Invasive species can change the functions of ecosystems. For example invasive plants can alter the fire regimen nutrient cycling and hydrology in native ecosystems. Invasive species that are closely related to rare native species have the potential to hybridize with the native species.

How do invasive species affect water resources and what are the associated effects?

Invasive species effects on water resources can be direct as in the case of many aquatic nuisance species or indirect as in terrestrial species that change water tables runoff dynamics fire frequency and other watershed attributes that in turn can alter water body condition.

How are animals being affected by pollution?

Air pollution negatively affects wildlife by changing plant communities. Stunted plant growth from atmospheric ozone affects the quality of habitat and food sources. Birds are threatened directly by coal power production exhaust which damages their respiratory systems. Air pollution also indirectly threatens birds.

What are the effects of pollution on the environment?

Air pollution can damage crops and trees in a variety of ways. Ground-level ozone can lead to reductions in agricultural crop and commercial forest yields reduced growth and survivability of tree seedlings and increased plant susceptibility to disease pests and other environmental stresses (such as harsh weather).

How do invasive species affect humans?

Invasive species can negatively impact human health by infecting humans with new diseases serving as vectors for existing diseases or causing wounds through bites stings allergens or other toxins (Mazza et al. 2013).

What is the biggest problem with invasive species in their new location?

Biodiversity. Habitat loss and invasive plants are the leading cause of native biodiversity loss. Invasive plant species spread quickly and can displace native plants prevent native plant growth and create monocultures.

How do invasive species affect the food chain?

Invasive species can change the food web in an ecosystem by destroying or replacing native food sources. The invasive species may provide little to no food value for wildlife. Invasive species can also alter the abundance or diversity of species that are important habitat for native wildlife.

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Which is a renewable resource quizlet?

Solar wind water geothermal and biomass are renewable energy resources. They can become nonrenewable if polluted or overused.

How can recycling materials lead to environmental sustainability?

By reducing wastes recycling also conserves natural resources protects natural ecosystems and encourages biological diversity all of which enhance the long run sustainability of the biosphere. Waste is simply energy that has been transformed but not used in the process of doing something useful.

Which of the following is a disadvantage associated with scientific advances quizlet?

Some disadvantages of scientific advancements to society are the increase in carbon dioxide emissions the increase of hazardous waste increased urbanization and an increase in resource use.

How can you reduce the impact of an invasive species on your local ecosystem?

10 Ways You Can Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species
  1. Clean your hiking and fishing gear. …
  2. Don’t move firewood. …
  3. Fish using native bait when possible. …
  4. Volunteer at removal efforts. …
  5. Talk to your local nursery when selecting plants for your garden. …
  6. Clean your boat before transferring to a new body of water.


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