How Are Earth And Saturn Alike


How Are Earth And Saturn Alike?

The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of Earth and the volume is 764 times the volume of Earth. … In other words Earth is 8 times as dense as Saturn. Another region where Saturn and Earth are similar is gravity. Of course Saturn has much more mass than Earth but it’s spread out over a larger area.Jan 26 2009

How is an Earth year similar and different to a year on Saturn?

With an average orbital speed of 9.69 km/s it takes Saturn 29. 457 Earth years (or 10 759 Earth days) to complete a single revolution around the Sun. In other words a year on Saturn lasts about as long as 29.5 years here on Earth. … This means that a single year on Saturn lasts about 24 491 Saturnian solar days.

What is Saturn similar to?

Like fellow gas giant Jupiter Saturn is a massive ball made mostly of hydrogen and helium.

How is the atmosphere of Saturn similar to the atmosphere of Earth?

Earth’s atmosphere consists of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen with other trace gases making up the difference. Saturn’s atmosphere on the other hand is approximately 96 percent hydrogen with around 4 percent helium and other trace gases.

Do Earth and Saturn have the same mass?

The mass of Saturn is 95 times the mass of Earth. However Saturn’s gravity is only 1.08 times the gravity on Earth because Saturn is such a large planet. An object weighing 100 lbs on Earth would weigh 108 lbs on Saturn.

What are 2 facts about Saturn?

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  • Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System. …
  • Saturn is a flattened ball. …
  • The first astronomers thought the rings were moons. …
  • Saturn has only been visited 4 times by spacecraft. …
  • Saturn has 62 moons. …
  • The length of a day on Saturn was a mystery until recently.

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Is Saturn the only planet with a ring?

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest planet in our solar system. Like fellow gas giant Jupiter Saturn is a massive ball made mostly of hydrogen and helium. Saturn is not the only planet to have rings but none are as spectacular or as complex as Saturn’s. Saturn also has dozens of moons.

How are Saturn and Jupiter alike?

The two largest planets Jupiter and Saturn have nearly the same chemical makeup as the Sun they are composed primarily of the two elements hydrogen and helium with 75% of their mass being hydrogen and 25% helium. On Earth both hydrogen and helium are gases so Jupiter and Saturn are sometimes called gas planets.

What does it look like inside of Saturn?

Saturn’s interior is most likely composed of a core of iron–nickel and rock (silicon and oxygen compounds). Its core is surrounded by a deep layer of metallic hydrogen an intermediate layer of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium and finally a gaseous outer layer.

How are Jupiter and Saturn similar quizlet?

Jupiter and Saturn are similar in that they are both large Jovian planets with numerous satellites both have ring systems although Saturn’s rings are much more pronounced and both have dynamic atmospheres with cyclonic storms on their surfaces.

What are five interesting facts about Saturn?

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  • Saturn is huge. …
  • You cannot stand on Saturn. …
  • Its beautiful rings are not solid. …
  • Some of these bits are as small as grains of sand. …
  • The rings are huge but thin. …
  • Other planets have rings. …
  • Saturn could float in water because it is mostly made of gas. …
  • It is very windy on Saturn.

Does Saturn have ground?

Saturn is classified as a gas giant because it is almost completely made of gas. Its atmosphere bleeds into its “surface” with little distinction. If a spacecraft attempted to touch down on Saturn it would never find solid ground.

Why is Saturn the color it is?

Saturn is also a giant gas planet with an outer atmosphere that is mostly hydrogen and helium. Its atmosphere has traces of ammonia phosphine water vapor and hydrocarbons giving it a yellowish-brown color.

Why do Saturn and Earth have similar gravity?

Although Saturn is much larger than Earth its surface gravity is only a little more than the surface gravity on Earth. This is because Saturn is made up of gases and is not solid like Earth. … Everything we’ve told you so far is accurate for near the north or south poles of the planet.

Does Saturn have gravity?

10.44 m/s²

How old is the Saturn?

Saturn was formed at the same time as the rest of the Solar System from a large spinning disk of gas and dust. Astronomers think that all this happened about 4.6 billion years ago! So Saturn is about 4.6 billion years old.

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What is it like on Saturn for kids?

Structure and Composition. The rings of Saturn are made out of chunks of ice and rock. … Saturn itself is mostly a ball of hydrogen and helium and this is why it is known as a gas giant like Jupiter. Like Jupiter Saturn has bands/clouds but much fainter some of the spots in those bands are areas where big storms occur …

Why is Saturn My Favourite planet?

The planet Saturn: truly massive and stunningly beautiful with its rings. It’s also home to amazing moons like Titan. The planet Saturn is probably the best known and most beautiful planet in the Solar System. Saturn’s rings are far more extensive and more easily seen than those of any other planet.

What are some special things about Saturn?

Facts about Saturn
  • Saturn is the most distant planet that can be seen with the naked eye. …
  • Saturn was known to the ancients including the Babylonians and Far Eastern observers. …
  • Saturn is the flattest planet. …
  • Saturn orbits the Sun once every 29.4 Earth years. …
  • Saturn’s upper atmosphere is divided into bands of clouds.

Can we breathe on Saturn?

First you can’t stand on Saturn. It’s not a nice solid rocky planet like Earth. Rather it’s made mostly of gases. … With these wind speeds even if there was oxygen in Saturn’s atmosphere you still wouldn’t be able to breathe because the air would be sucked from your lungs.

What Colour is Saturn?

Viewed from Earth Saturn has an overall hazy yellow-brown appearance. The surface that is seen through telescopes and in spacecraft images is actually a complex of cloud layers decorated by many small-scale features such as red brown and white spots bands eddies and vortices that vary over a fairly short time.

Does it rain diamonds on Saturn?

New research by scientists apparently shows that it rains diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn. … According to the research lightning storms on the planets turn methane into soot which hardens into chunks of graphite and then diamonds as it falls.

How are Jupiter and Saturn similar and different?

Saturn and Jupiter have attracted as much similar gas as they could to form two biggest gas giants in our solar system. … The hydrogen helium and a bit of heavier elements in Saturn take up almost the same space as Jupiter but Saturn’s mass is half of Jupiter’s.

What do Jupiter and Earth have in common?

They are alike in that they are planets and they orbit the same star. They both also have very hot cores and atmospheres. That is about where the similarities end though. Jupiter is a large (a little more hydrogen and it could be a star) gas giant and orbits far further from the sun than earth.

How Uranus is similar to Jupiter and Saturn?

Like Jupiter and Saturn Uranus’s atmosphere is full of hydrogen and helium but unlike its larger cousins Uranus also holds an abundance of methane ammonia water and hydrogen sulfide. Methane gas absorbs light on the red end of the spectrum giving Uranus its blue-green hue.

What happens if you fell into Saturn?

The atmospheric pressure would increase to 2-4 times that of Earth’s and you’d begin slowing down. … In the final layers of Saturn’s atmosphere you would experience temperatures so high that you couldn’t survive. The conditions would erode your space suit and body away just like they did to the Cassini probe.

Can humans live on Saturn?

Without a solid surface Saturn isn’t likely a place we could ever live. But the gas giant does have numerous moons some of which would make fascinating locations for space colonies particularly Titan and Enceladus.

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Is Saturn a hot or cold?

What is Saturn’s surface temperature? Saturn’s surface (well its clouds) is quite cold about -288° Fahrenheit. That is because it is so far from the sun.

What are some similarities that Earth and Mars have?

Mars and Earth are very different planets when it comes to temperature size and atmosphere but geologic processes on the two planets are surprisingly similar. On Mars we see volcanoes canyons and impact basins much like the ones we see on Earth.

How are Venus and Earth similar to and different from each other quizlet?

Venus and Earth are similar in that they have similar interior compositions however Venus has a weaker magnetic field than Earth has a thicker atmosphere than Earth and is more heavily cratered than Earth.

What is the evidence that Jupiter and Saturn are still cooling quizlet?

Jupiter rotates more rapidly. twice as much as it receives from the Sun because it is still cooling down after the process of planetary formation. Spacecraft like Cassini enable us to observe the rings of Saturn from the back side whereas Earth-based observations always see the rings from the front or sunlit side.

What features does Saturn have?

Saturn is a gas giant made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. Saturn’s volume is greater than 760 Earths and it is the second most massive planet in the solar system about 95 times Earth’s mass. The Ringed Planet is the least dense of all the planets and is the only one less dense than water.

What is Saturn known for?

The second largest planet in the solar system Saturn is a “gas giant” composed primarily of hydrogen and helium. But it’s best known for the bright beautiful rings that circle its equator. The rings are made up of countless particles of ice and rock that each orbit Saturn independently.

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