How Are The Ideas In The Following Two Sentences Tied Together

How are the ideas in the following two sentences tied?

The best time I had all summer was the night of Sherry’s party. The worst was the next day.” The ideas in these two sentences are tied together in that: the sentences are closely connected in meaning. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

Which of the following sentences contains two ideas joined by a connecting word?

The sentence that contains two ideas joined by a connecting word is – Sally lives with her parents although she could afford her own apartment.

How is the style of a piece of writing related to its tone?

Style means the mechanical or technical aspects of writing and may be specific to the requirements of the subject or topic. Voice means the unique worldview and word choices of the author. Tone means the attitude conveyed in the writing and may encompass formality objectivity intimacy and similar aspects.

Which of the following is a run-on sentence?

A comma splice constitutes a run-on sentence. It is when two independent clauses are joined with a comma without an accompanying coordinating conjunction.

Which of the following is a run-on sentence Brainly?

A run-on sentence is a series of independent clauses that are put together in one with no punctuation. Example of a run-on sentence: None of my friends liked the movie I did not see it. There are 2 independent clauses in the sentence.

Which sentence contains both adverb and a conjunction?

Lawson crept silently up the stairs but couldn’t still his heartbeat. This sentence contains both an adverb (silently) and a conjunction (but).

Which of the following is an interrogative sentence?

Direct question: Do you like coffee? This is an interrogative sentence with the usual word order for direct questions: auxiliary verb + subject + main verb… Indirect question: She asked me if I was hungry. This is a declarative sentence (and it contains an indirect question with no question mark).

How is the style of a piece of writing?

Style is the way writing is dressed up (or down) to fit the specific context purpose or audience. Word choice sentence fluency and the writer’s voice — all contribute to the style of a piece of writing. How a writer chooses words and structures sentences to achieve a certain effect is also an element of style.

How does style and tone affect an essay?

Style refers to the writer’s choice of diction sentence structure literary techniques and use of rhythm. … Tone on the other hand refers to the writer’s attitude toward his/her story and to the reader. The writer’s tone assists in creating a mood or atmosphere for the story.

How can you use style to affect your audience interpretations?

Style includes diction and tone. The main goal in considering style is to present your information in a manner appropriate for both the audience and the purpose of the writing. Consistency is vital. Switching styles can distract the reader and diminish the believability of the paper’s argument.

What is the best way to combine sentences 1 and 2?

Sometimes the best way to combine ideas from several sentences into one is to join parts of two or more sentences to form compound subjects verbs or objects. Sentences can be combined by using a compound subject a compound verb or a compound object.

What is comma splice?

A comma splice occurs when you use a comma to join two complete sentences without placing an appropriate joining word between them. The comma just isn’t strong enough to do the job of making one grammatical sentence out of two.

How do you correct a run-on sentence and a comma splice?

Five Ways to Fix a Run-on or Comma Splice
  1. Add a period and a capital letter. Add a period and a capital letter to separate the sentences. …
  2. Add a comma and a coordinating conjunction. Add a comma and a coordinating conjunction. …
  3. Add a semicolon. …
  4. Add a “transitional word” …
  5. Add a subordinating conjunction.

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Does a comma splice have to have a comma?

When you join two independent clauses with a comma and no conjunction it’s called a comma splice. Some people consider this a type of run-on sentence while other people think of it as a punctuation error.

Which sentence contains a comma splice?

If the sentence contains two independent clauses without a linking conjunction it is a comma splice. For example the sentence “I went to the store today we were out of apples ” contains a comma splice because the clauses before and after the comma are independent and there is no conjunction to link them.

In which one of the following sentences is a misspelled word?

The sentence with a spelling mistake is: Niether Mike nor Marvin believed in Superman.

Which sentence contains a verb phrase?

Following are some verb phrase examples where the verb phrase is the predicate of a sentence. In this case the verb phrase consists of the main verb plus any auxiliary or helping verbs. She was walking quickly to the mall. He should wait before going swimming.

Which of the following is a compound sentence?

An example of a compound sentence is ‘This house is too expensive and that house is too small. ‘ This sentence is a compound sentence because it has two independent clauses ‘This house is too expensive’ and ‘that house is too small’ separated by a comma and the conjunction ‘and. ‘

What sentence consists of a single independent clause?

simple sentence

C.) A simple sentence is a sentence with only a single independent clause made up of a subject and a predicate. The subject and the predicate may each be a single word or a group of words. A simple sentence with compound elements is a simple sentence with two or more subjects or two or more verbs.

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How do you teach interrogative sentences?

What are 10 examples of interrogative?

10 Interrogative Sentences
  • When will you visit your moms?
  • Where do you live?
  • Why haven’t you started studying?
  • What kind of music do you want to dance to?
  • Which car would make you happier?
  • Which do you prefer white or red?
  • Who finished your meal today raise your hands?
  • Whom did you call to the party tomorrow?

How do you use interrogative sentences?

An interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks a question. Interrogative sentences can be direct or indirect begin with or without pronouns and feature yes/no interrogatives alternative questions or tag questions. Interrogative sentences often start with interrogative pronouns and end with a question mark.

What are two styles of writing?

Types of writing techniques
  • Descriptive writing style.
  • Narrative writing style.
  • Persuasive writing style.
  • Expository writing style.

What is the style of a sentence?

There are four types of sentences: simple compound complex and compound-complex. Each sentence is defined by the use of independent and dependent clauses conjunctions and subordinators. Simple sentences: A simple sentence is an independent clause with no conjunction or dependent clause.

What is expository style?

The Expository Style of Writing

An expository essay is a short written work that explains a topic or informs an audience. The expository style of writing is a good choice when you want to tell readers what you know about a topic or show readers how to do something.

What is the relationship between style and content?

Content is what you’re writing about – the information you’re trying to convey or plot of the story you’re telling. Style is the way in which you present that information – your word choice organization and other details of the writing.

How does style affect the meaning of a message?


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An author’s writing style is not incidental superficial or supplementary: style identifies how ideas are embodied in language. In other words the effect of how an author uses words and literary elements is important for understanding the meaning of a text.

Why is tone and style important?

Style gives your writing a type of personality when coupled together with tone. As with the audience and format it’s important that the style you choose matches with the intended purpose of your message. Similar in some ways to style tone refers to the feeling your audience will get when they decode your document.

How does writing style influence the readers attitude and perception?

The tone of a document can affect how the reader perceives the writer’s intentions. These perceptions in turn can influence the reader’s attitude toward the text and the writer.

How the tone structure and style of your communication may impact on others?

When speaking with others your tone clarifies and conveys meaning. A phrase as simple as “I don’t know” can be taken in a number of different ways depending on how you decide to express it. Your tone can not only affect how people perceive you but also their willingness to listen to you – especially in the workplace.

How do you comment on language and style?

How do you comment on style and language of a passage?
  1. use the language (not the exact words but ones with a similar ‘feel’) and style of the passage.
  2. do NOT lift directly from the text.
  3. use proper and consistent tense (another area where candidates need improvement according to many Examiner Reports).

How do you join two sentences together?

You have four options for combining two complete sentences: comma and a conjunction (“and ” “but ” “or ” “for ” or “yet”) semicolon and a transitional adverb like “therefore ” “moreover ” or “thus” semicolon ( )

How do you combine two simple sentences?

A simple sentence has just one clause. Two or more simple sentences can be combined by the use of coordinating conjunctions. Common coordinating conjunctions are: and but or yet nor for so as well as not only…but also.

How do you combine sentences examples?

How to use sentence combining
  1. Inserting adjectives and adverbs. Example: The girl drank lemonade. The girl was thirsty. …
  2. Producing compound subjects and objects. Example: The book was good. The movie was good. …
  3. Producing compound sentences using conjunctions (for example: and but) Example: The weather was perfect.

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