How I Met My Husband Summary


What is the theme of how I met my husband summary?

The theme of this story is under certain circumstances people can sometimes be blind to the truth. The main character Edie provides the narration of the story from a first person point of view. She tells her story based on an event from her past.

What is the message of how I met my husband?

The theme is love. Or to put it in broader terms the theme could be described as while sometimes it may come from heartbreak fate can bring is to the person we are meant to love forever. When it comes to exploring the point of view of this story you can ask yourself a few questions.

What is the conflict in how I met my husband?

In “How I Met My Husband ” the external conflict is the love triangle between Edie Chris Watters and Alice Kelling. Edie who is fifteen is enjoying a flirtation with Chris when Alice his fiancee shows up.

What does Edie do when Mrs Peebles leaves to get her hair done?

Peebles takes her children into town to get haircuts and while she is gone Edie after cleaning the kitchen so that it is sparkling clean goes into Mrs. Peebles’s bedroom just to look around and snoops into her closet as well.

How does the story generate suspense how I met my husband?

In How I Met My Husband by Alice Munro how does the story generate suspense? The story generates suspense by both keeping the reader and characters waiting for example when Edie waits for the letter from Chris she is always awaiting the letter.

What is the plot structure of how I met my husband?

The plot structure is a narrative told from the future about the past. This means that the events in the narrative occupying the “present” moment are a reminiscence told by the narrator as a grown woman from some future time in her life about events that happened in her past when she was fifteen.

What literary devices are used in how I met my husband?

In the short story “How I Met My Husband ” there are several literary devices used to portray different emotions and twists. There are four of them however that stand out a great deal: romance diction empathy and irony.

What is the setting of how I met my husband?

Setting. The story takes place in the country about five miles outside an unidentified town soon after the end of World War II. Critics assume the locale is Ontario Canada but nothing in the story explicitly indicates that.

How I met my husband discuss the role of Alice Kelling?

Alice Kelling is the fiancee of Chris Watters. She lives in self-deception and tries to force Chris to marry her. She is against Edie making her the antagonist. Chris Watters is a pilot who intends to sell rides on his airplane while living in a tent on the fairgrounds.

How do minor characters like Loretta?

They help to relay important details both to the main character and to the reader as those details become necessary. For example it is Loretta Bird who announces that the airplane that arrived has come to stay for a little while and that the pilot will be taking people on rides.

Who married Edie?

In the five-year jump between season four and five Edie gets engaged and married to a motivational speaker Dave Williams who eventually convinces her to move back to Fairview.

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What kind of ending does how I met my husband have?

Eventually Edie realizes Chris will never write and marries the mailman who believes that she waited by the mailbox for him every day although Edie never tells him that she had waited for Chris because she likes “for people to think what pleases them and makes them happy.”

How is the arrangement of the plot elements effective in how I met my husband?

The plot of the story is told in chronological order starting from what happened first and ending with what happened last. … The arrangement of the plot elements is effective because it helps to explain just what the title says how she met her husband. It was in falling for the pilot that led her to her husband.

How I Met My Husband Is Edie a sympathetic character?

In the most reflective of manners when Edie is able to find happiness it comforts us that anyone who has been in a position of experiencing closed doors and lost opportunities might also “get a break.” It is in this where Edie is seen as sympathetic.

What is the meaning of how I met my husband by Alice Munro?

Symbolism. The airplane is a symbol for how easy it is for Chris to enter and leave Edie’s life something she realizes later. The plane suggests that he has flown into Edie’s life to bring some excitement but it also represents his inability to settle down.

How is Edie naive in how I met my husband?

In the beginning of this story Edie is a very naïve fifteen-year-old girl. She does not yet realize that the world does not cater to her or tell her how to do everything in life. One way she shows this is by thinking that at school “the work was hard they didn’t make it nice for you or explain…” (Munro page 38).

How I met my husband Dr Peebles?

Peebles is a kind husband who wants to give his wife a better life by hiring someone to help her around the house and he is warm enough to invite Alice to stay at their house when she comes looking for Watters. … Peebles is as kind as her husband but she recognizes the difference in status between herself and Edie.

What was Dr Peebles occupation?

Peebles was a special adviser for health policy under President Reagan. Active in the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) he was an oral examiner from 1976-’89 and served on the ABP Board of Directors in 1984. Dr. Peebles is survived by his wife three children his former wife and five grandchildren.

Who is the protagonist in how I met my husband?

Edie’s Character Analysis in How I Met My Husband How I Met My Husband is a short story written by Alice Munro. The protagonist Edie is seen to be from a humble background and works at Mrs. Peebles house.

What details does Edie notice about her?

When Alice shows up with Loretta Bird Edie notices that Alice’s figure is not very attractive with her bust looking “rather low and lumpy.” Edie also notices that Alice’s face has a worried look. Her permed hair had grown out and she had pulled it back with a hair band to keep it under control.

Why do Mike and Susan get divorced?

When Jackson asked why they couldn’t go public she replies “Maybe I don’t deserve to be happy ” which led to flashbacks revealing why Susan and Mike divorced: they were involved in a crash with another car. They survived but the occupants of the other car — Lila Dash and her daughter Paige — died.

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How does Carlos leave Edie?

Edie however was still taking birth control pills. Carlos found them and dumped Edie which led her to attempt suicide.

Does Edie have a son?

Travers McLain is Edie Britt’s son who lives with his father after Edie gave him full custody.

Who wrote how I met my husband?

Alice Munro

How does the story generate suspense which developments of the plot help to increase the suspense how I met my husband?

In How I Met My Husband by Alice Munro how does the story generate suspense? The story generates suspense by both keeping the reader and characters waiting for example when Edie waits for the letter from Chris she is always awaiting the letter.

How met my husband rising action?

Rising action begins when Chris arrives and meets Edie while she is trying on Mrs. Pebbles’ dresses. The actions continue to rise as the story builds along with Edie and Chris’ relationship.

Who is telling the story how I met my husband?

Love Is Patient

Alice Munro’s ”How I Met My Husband” whisks us away to when ‘Cars were still in short supply’ and where the country was gentrified by the city folk. Intermingling within this setting is the narrator 15-year-old Edie who chats with a pilot and learns to live. . . and to love.

Who is the antagonist in how I met my husband?

The antagonist in “How I Met my Husband” by Alice Munro is the young pilot Chris Waters. An antagonist is a character that creates conflict for the protagonist and he is the main character in this story to threaten what Edie really wants. Edie wants to maintain a good reputation with her employers.

What did Dr Thomas Peebles discover?

Dr. Peebles discovered that tetanus vaccine could be given every 10 years instead of every year with much safer results. He invented a way to add fluoride to children’s vitamins to protect their teeth. But his work in measles indisputably helped save lives.

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What are the elements of fiction?

Characters setting plot conflict point of view and theme are six key elements for writing fiction.

What is the theme of how I met my husband?

The quest for fulfillment by girls and women is a theme she desires to grow up and become a woman. In the short story she is caught trying on Mrs. Peebles’ dresses. Social class is also a theme because she is able to see thingd more realistically and truthfully.

What aspects of Mrs Peebles and her life does Edie admire or envy?

Edie appreciates the life of luxury led by Mrs. Pebbles. Besides the decor of her home Edie also admires Mrs. Pebbles’s closet of beautiful clothes.

Does Tom cheat on Lynette?

Later he meets and works with rising company executive Lynette Lindquist with whom he begins a love affair. … He cheats on Annabel with Lynette leading to their marriage. In “Where do I belong” (E12/S7) it is revealed that twenty years ago Tom and Lynette were engaged and had broken up for one week.

Does Julie give up her baby?

Despite Julie’s insistence Porter refuses to let her put their daughter up for adoption planning to raise her himself. Eventually Julie decides to keep the baby.

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