What Area Would Most Likely Experience The Greatest Amount Of Natural Erosion?

What Area Would Most Likely Experience The Greatest Amount Of Natural Erosion??

The correct answer is C. Desert.

Which area would have the most erosion?

Deserts which generally lack thick vegetation are often the most eroded landscapes on the planet. Finally tectonic activity shapes the landscape itself and thus influences the way erosion impacts an area. Tectonic uplift for example causes one part of the landscape to rise higher than others.

Which of these will be most likely to experience the greatest amount of erosion?

Explanation: The area that would most likely experience the greatest amount of natural emotion is the coastline. Coastal erosion is caused by strong waves which can be generated by storm wind or fast moving boats. hope it helps!!!!!

What is the greatest amount of erosion on Earth?


Running water causes the greatest amount of erosion on Earth. Gravity moves sediments downhill to cause mass movement. Wind can only transport sand silt clay. Rocks exposed to wind erosion become pitted and sand blasted.

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Where is erosion most likely to occur the fastest?

Typically physical erosion proceeds fastest on steeply sloping surfaces and rates may also be sensitive to some climatically-controlled properties including amounts of water supplied (e.g. by rain) storminess wind speed wave fetch or atmospheric temperature (especially for some ice-related processes).

What regions are most susceptible to issues with erosion?

Soil erosion is a particularly important problem in tropical and subtropical areas due to the high erosivity of rainwater and susceptibility of soils to erosion.

Where does erosion happen?

Erosion happens at the tops of mountains and under the soil. Water and chemicals get into the rocks and break them up through those mechanical and chemical forces. Erosion in one area can actually build up lower areas. Think about a mountain range and a river.

At which location in the stream is the water velocity greatest?

Stream velocity is the speed of the water in the stream. Units are distance per time (e.g. meters per second or feet per second). Stream velocity is greatest in midstream near the surface and is slowest along the stream bed and banks due to friction.

Where is the most deposition likely to occur?

Larger material and the majority of deposition occurs next to the river channel. This is the result of increased friction (with the flood plain) causing the velocity of the river to slow and therefore rapidly reduce its ability to transport material.

Which location has the climatic conditions necessary for the greatest amount of chemical weathering to occur?

CLIMATE: The amount of water in the air and the temperature of an area are both part of an area’s climate. Moisture speeds up chemical weathering. Weathering occurs fastest in hot wet climates. It occurs very slowly in hot and dry climates.

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Which of the following agents of erosion causes the greatest amount of erosion?


Water is the most important erosional agent and erodes most commonly as running water in streams. However water in all its forms is erosional. Raindrops (especially in dry environments) create splash erosion that moves tiny particles of soil.

What type of area will be changed the most due to erosion?

What type of area will be changed the MOST due to erosion? Water freezing and thawing inside cracks in rocks.

What area of land does wave erosion change over time?

Sometimes waves can erode a hollow area called a sea cave. Over time waves can also erode the base of a cliff so much that it makes the rock above it collapse creating a wave cut cliff. Another landform that is created by waves is called a sea arch.

Where would expect the greatest rate of channel erosion along a bend in a river?

Due to the slope of the channel erosion is more effective on the downstream side of a meander. Therefore in addition to growing laterally the bends also gradually migrate down the valley. Notice the oxbow lakes and point bar formation in this meandering river!

Where is the stream most likely flowing the fastest?

Water flow in a stream is primarily related to the stream’s gradient but it is also controlled by the geometry of the stream channel. As shown in Figure 13.14 water flow velocity is decreased by friction along the stream bed so it is slowest at the bottom and edges and fastest near the surface and in the middle.

In which situation would you expect to find the most erosion due to runoff?

Runoff is likely to cause more erosion if the land is bare. Plants help hold the soil in place.

What are 4 main causes of erosion?

Four Causes of Soil Erosion
  • Water. Water is the most common cause of soil erosion. …
  • Wind. Wind can also make soil erode by displacing it. …
  • Ice. We don’t get much ice here in Lawrenceville GA but for those that do the concept is the same as water. …
  • Gravity. …
  • Benefits of a Retaining Wall.

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In which location would the rate of soil?

A steep slope location would the ‘rate of soil erosion’ most likely be higher than the ‘rate of soil formation’.

What part of the world does erosion affect?

Erosion is a natural process that affects all types of land on Earth from the grandest mountains to the humblest patches of soil.

What takes place during erosion?

Erosion happens when rocks and sediments are picked up and moved to another place by ice water wind or gravity. … When the water freezes it expands and the cracks are opened a little wider. Over time pieces of rock can split off a rock face and big boulders are broken into smaller rocks and gravel.

How mountains are eroded?

Gale force winds lightning strikes temperature extremes and a deluge of snow hail or rain. These combined forces break up the rocks and erode the peaks into their stark sculpted forms. Falling ice rocks and gushing water wear away at the mountain slopes. … Strong winds pick up dust and abrade exposed rock surfaces.

Which factor usually has the greatest effect on stream erosion?

Generally the more sediment that a stream carries the greater the amount of erosion of the stream’s bed. The heavier coarser‐grained sediment strikes the stream bed more frequently and with more force than the smaller particles resulting in an increased rate of erosion.

At which location is the water moving fastest?

1. Toward the middle of a river water tends to flow fastest toward the margins of the river it tends to flow slowest. 2. In a meandering river water will tend to flow fastest along the outside bend of a meander and slowest on the inside bend.

Why is the velocity larger for the bottom stream of water?

In fact the velocity just below the surface is typically a little higher than right at the surface because of friction between the water and the air. On a curved section of a stream flow is fastest on the outside and slowest on the inside.

Where does erosion and deposition occur?

Weathering – The natural process of rock and soil material being worn away. Erosion – The process of moving rocks and soil downhill or into streams rivers or oceans. Deposition – The accumulation or laying down of matter by a natural process as in the laying down of sediments in streams or rivers.

Where does the greatest amount of deposition occur in a stream?

Stream Deposition

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On flatter ground streams deposit material on the inside of meanders. A stream’s floodplain is much broader and shallower than the stream’s channel. When a stream flows onto its floodplain its velocity slows and it deposits much of its load.

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What is the largest particle size that a stream can transport?

Describe the difference between capacity and competence. CP-the maximum load of solid particles a stream can carry. The greater the discharge the greater the capacity. CM– the maximum particle size a stream can transport.

Which type of climate would cause the greatest rate of weathering?

In general hot wet climates accelerate chemical weathering while cold dry climates accelerate physical weathering. Although the rate of weathering depends on the type of rock rocks in tropical climates experience the highest rates of weathering because of the combination of high heat and heavy rainfall.

What would most likely cause the greatest increase in chemical weathering?

Which change in the climate of New York State would most likely cause the greatest increase in chemical weathering of local bedrock? … warm moist climate.

Which type of climate has the greatest amount of rock weathering caused by frost action?

wet climate

Which type of climate has the greatest amount of rock weathering caused by frost action? a wet climate in which temperatures alternate from below freezing to above freezing.

What is the most common and powerful agent of erosion quizlet?

Fact: moving water is the most powerful agent of erosion.

What is the most important agent of erosion in deserts?

Running water is still the most important agent of erosion in the desert as far as creating the desert landscape but wind also plays a role not as important as water in the long run but you might say that wind sort of fine tunes the landscape that’s created by the running water in the first place so we can look at …

What are the 3 main agents of erosion?

The movement of sediment by erosion requires mobile agents such a water wind and ice.

What type of changes does erosion cause?

The movement of pieces of rock or soil to new locations is called erosion. Weathering and erosion can cause changes to the shape size and texture of different landforms (such as mountains riverbeds beaches etc). Weathering and erosion can also play a role in landslides and the formation of new landforms.

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