What C5H12 Isomer Will Give Only A Single Monochlorination Product?


What C5h12 Isomer Will Give Only A Single Monochlorination Product??


What gives a single Monochlorination product?

Therefore the compound which gives only one monochlorination product on its chlorination in the presence of sunlight is neopentane.

How many products are possible on Monochlorination of all isomers of C5H12?

one monochlorination product

A hydrocarbon C5H12 gives only one monochlorination product.

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Which isomer of C5H12 among the following gives only one chlorinated product in presence of sunlight?

A hydrocarbon C5H12 gives only one chlorination product. Identify the hydrocarbon. The hydrocarbon which gives monochloro derivative only is neopentane.

How do you find the product of Monochlorination?

To find the number of monochlorinated products the only way is to find the number of structures drawn. Complete answer: Monochlorination of an alkane involves substituting one of the hydrogen in the alkane with a chlorine atom. This is achieved by treating the alkane with chlorine in the presence of UV light.

Which compound gives only are Monochloro product?

neo-Pentane or 2 2-dimethylpropane has only primary hydrogen hence it can give only monochloro derivative. All other compounds have 1∘ 2∘ and 3∘ hydrogens hence they give mono di or trisubstituted products.

Which compound will give only one Monosubstituted product on Monochlorination?

The correct answer is B) neopentane.

How many structural isomers has C5H12?

three structural isomers

Pentane (C5H12) is an organic compound with five carbon atoms. Pentane has three structural isomers that are n-pentane Iso-pentane (methyl butane) and neopentane (dimethylpropane).

Are butane and isobutane structural isomers?

Isobutane is a structural isomer of butane. Butane is unbranched and isobutane is branched. Both have the same molecular formula but the structural formula is different. Butane has four carbon atoms in the straight chain whereas isobutane has only three carbon atoms in the straight chain.

What is the isomer of C5H12?

Isomers of Pentane include : 2 methyl-butane and 2-Dimethylpropane.

What is a single Monochloride?

(i) To have a single monochloride there should be only one type of H-atom in the isomer of the alkane of the molecular formula C5H12. This is because replacement of any H-atom leads to the formation of the same product. The isomer is neopentane.

What is photochemical chlorination?

Photochlorination is a chlorination reaction that is initiated by light. Usually a C-H bond is converted to a C-Cl bond. … The process is exothermic and proceeds as a chain reaction initiated by the homolytic cleavage of molecular chlorine into chlorine radicals by ultraviolet radiation.

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Which of the following is the isomer of ethanol?

Dimethyl ether and ethanol are functional isomers. In functional isomers key groups of atoms are arranged in a particular way. The best example is this question. In this question both of the compound dimethyl ether and ethanol have C2H6O as molecular formula.

How many isomers of Monochlorination can be obtained?

Because of the four different hydrogen atoms of 2-methyl butane there is a possibility of replacement of hydrogen atom with chlorine atom during monochlorination six structural isomers will form as monochloro products.

Which isomer of pentane on Monochlorination gives four?

Hence the isomer that would give a single monochloride is neopentane one that would give three isomeric mono-chlorides is pentane and one that would give four isomeric mono-chlorides is isopentane.

How many isomers are possible for Monochlorination of propane?

Propane has two types of hydrogen atom i. e 1∘ hydrogen and 2∘ hydrogen. Hence it gives two isomeric product on chlorination i.e. chloropropane and 2-chloropropane.

What is Monochloro substitution derivative?

Monochloro derivation means substitution of single chlorine atom by replacing it with any hydrogen attached to the carbon atom.

Which of the following gives single Monochlorinated product on reaction with cl2?

The answer is c) 2 2-dimethylpropane.

Which on Monohalogenation gives only one product?

On halogenation an alkane gives only one monohalogenated product.

Which one of the following alkane on Monochlorination gives only one type of product?

The hydrocarbon which gives monochloro derivative only is neopentane.

What is the Iupac name of neo pentane?

2 2-dimethylpropane

IUPAC Name 2 2-dimethylpropane
Alternative Names 2 2-Dimethylpropane tert-Pentane
Molecular Formula C5H12
Molar Mass 72.151 g/mol
InChI InChI=1S/C5H12/c1-5(2 3)4/h1-4H3

How do you find the isomer of C5H12?

Which of the following is not an isomer of C5H12?

The correct answer is Option 1) i.e 2 2 dimethyl pentane.

What is the name of C5H12?


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Which formula is an isomer of butane?

What are Isomers?
Structural Formula Name of the Isomer
CH3-CH(CH3)CH3 2-isobutane or methylpropane
CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 n-butane

What are isomers write the isomers of butane and pentane?

Isomerism the existence of molecules that have the same numbers of the same kinds of atoms (and hence the same formula) but differ in chemical and physical properties. Pentane has three structural isomers that are n-pentane Iso-pentane (methyl butane) and neopentane (dimethylpropane).

What are the isomers of hexane?

– The five isomers possible for hexane are n- hexane 2- methyl pentane 3- methyl pentane 2 3-dimethylbutane and 2 2- dimethylbutane.

Is 2 Methylbutane an isomer of c5h12?

Isomers of Pentane include : 2 methyl-butane and 2-Dimethylpropane.

How many isomers are possible for c5h11br?

After this we can change the position of methyl groups and get 5 more structure which are 1-bromo-2-methylbutane 2-bromo-2-methylbutane 2-bromo-3-methylbutane 1-bromo-3-methylbutane 1-bromo-2 2-dimethylpropane. These 8 structures are possible.

What are the two isomers of c2h4cl2?

The two isomers are 1 2-dichloroethane and 1 1-dichoroethane.

What is the isomer of c5h12 among the following?

Therefore the isomer is n-pentane.

What is isomeric Monochloride?

(i) A single monochloride [IV] can be produced only when all thehydrogen atoms are equivalent. This isomer must be symmetrical. Its structure is given by [I] (ii) Isomer (II) has three groups of equivalent hydrogen atoms. Therefore three isomericmonochiorides [V VI and VII] areproduced.

What is isomeric mono Haloalkanes?

Isomeric mono and poly halogen derivatives are those compounds which consist of same no. of halogen atoms but are isomers of each other.

Which process initiate photochemical chlorination alkanes?


Hence photochemical chlorination of alkane is initiated by the process of homolysis.

Q- Among the isomeric alkanes of C5H12 Identify the one that on photochemical chlorination………

An isomer of `C_(5)H_(12)` gives total six isomeric products on monochlorination.

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