What Does Crevasse Mean

What is the meaning of word crevasse?

Crevasse refers to a deep hole or fissure in a glacier or in the earth. In most instances the word appears with enough context that the depth of the opening is easy enough to figure out as in “a climber who fell 30 feet into a crevasse.”

Is there a difference between crevice and crevasse?

Crevasse refers to a deep hole or fissure in a glacier or earth. … One way to remember the distinction between crevice and crevasse is that i (as found in crevice the smaller hole) is a thinner letter than a (as found in crevasse the larger hole).

Where does the word crevasse originate from?

old French

The word crevasse as its spelling suggests comes from an old French word the verb crevare meaning “to burst or break ” and indicating how a crevasse was formed in the first place.

How do you use crevasse in a sentence?

a deep fissure.
  1. The deep crevasse yawned at their feet.
  2. A crevasse yawned at their feet.
  3. The majority of crevasse deaths happen to those who travel across glaciers unroped.
  4. He fell down a crevasse.
  5. This crevasse alone has claimed 18 lives.
  6. The decision when it came opened suddenly a crevasse.

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How do you say the word crevasse?

What is the Interstice?

interstice in-TER-stus noun. 1 : a space that intervenes between things especially : one between closely spaced things. 2 : a short space of time between events.

What is a crevasse on a mountain?

A crevasse is a deep wedge-shaped opening in a moving mass of ice called a glacier. … Bergschrunds are cracks that appear between the moving ice of a glacier and the non-moving or stagnant ice of a mountain or cliff. Crevasses may stretch across a glacier run along its length or even crisscross it.

What are crevices in mountains?

A crevice is a long tight space often found on the face of a mountain or other geological formation. A crevice can be large or small but because it is usually hard reach it is a great hiding place for all things like reptiles bugs and lost climbers.

What is the deepest crevasse?

The deepest crevasses may exceed 30 m. Theoretically the weight of the ice limits crevasse depth to about 30 m. Below that there is typically enough compressive force in the ice to prevent cracks from opening.

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How are crevasses created?

A crevasse is a crack in the surface of a glacier caused by extensive stress within the ice. For example extensive stress can be caused by stretching if the glacier is speeding up as it flows down the valley. Crevasses can also be caused by the ice flowing over bumps or steps in the bedrock.

How deep is a crevasse?

45 m
Crevasses range up to 20 m (65 feet) wide 45 m (148 feet) deep and several hundred metres long. Most are named according to their positions with respect to the long axis of the glacier.

What does sulkily mean?

marked by or given to sulking sullen. gloomy or dull: sulky weather.

What happens if you fall into a crevasse?

The victim may be injured and/or disoriented from the fall the rescuers on the scene may be anxious or uncertain equipment and ropes are scattered everywhere and everybody will likely already be exhausted and out of breath because of the climbing and altitude.

What are other names for a crevasse?

Synonyms of crevasse
  • abyss
  • chasm
  • cirque
  • cleft
  • crevice
  • cwm.
  • [chiefly British]
  • fissure.

What is the plural of crevasse?

plural crevasses. Learner’s definition of CREVASSE. : a deep narrow opening or crack in an area of thick ice or rock.

What is the difference between a chasm and crevasse?

As nouns the difference between chasm and crevasse

is that chasm is a deep steep-sided rift gap or fissure a gorge or abyss while crevasse is (literally) a crack or fissure in a glacier or snow field a chasm.

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Is a crevice a hole?

Crevasse refers to a deep hole or fissure in a glacier or in the earth. In most instances the word appears with enough context that the depth of the opening is easy enough to figure out as in “a climber who fell 30 feet into a crevasse.”

How do you say Crique?

What does Stitial mean?

1 : situated within but not restricted to or characteristic of a particular organ or tissue —used especially of fibrous tissue. 2 : affecting the interstitial tissues of an organ or part interstitial hepatitis.

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How do you use interstices?

Interstice in a Sentence

1. Light peered through the interstice of the deck where the two boards did not completely meet together. 2. After the knife wound there was an interstice of the lung which had punctured completely through the lung so blood seeped out.

What is a macrocosmic?

1 : the great world : universe. 2 : a complex that is a large-scale reproduction of one of its constituents.

How can you tell crevasses?

3 Ways to spot a Crevasse
  1. Crevasses cause shadows in the ice. If a glacier has only a thin layer of snow or no snow you can usually see these shadows.
  2. When snow is driven by wind it will also land differently along the edge of a gorge. …
  3. Crevasses are often covered by a thin layer of ice or snow.

How deep are the crevasses on Everest?

The top of the glacier moves faster than the bottom due to friction against the earth. It is this dynamic of fast and slow-moving sections plus the precipitous drop that create the deep crevasses some over 150’/45m deep and towering ice seracs over 30’/9m high.

How do you detect crevasses?

Here are some important tips for detecting crevasses: Keep an eye out for sagging trenches in the snow that mark where gravity has pulled down on snow that covers a crevasse. The sags will be visible by their slight difference in sheen texture or color.

Is it safe to walk on a glacier?

Safety. A person should never walk on a glacier alone. The risk of slipping on the ice and sliding into an open crevasse or of breaking through and falling into a hidden crevasse is too great. … To keep from slipping on ice they wear crampons which are steel spikes attached to the bottoms of their boots.

How do you stop crevasses?

To avoid ice and serac fall (which is more a function of glacier movement and gravity than daily temperature fluctuations) it’s best to travel quickly through areas of vulnerability and avoid the time of exposure to the danger. Try to know what’s above your slope.

What is a crevice in the earth called?

Faults are fractures in Earth’s crust where rocks on either side of the crack have slid past each other. Sometimes the cracks are tiny as thin as hair with barely noticeable movement between the rock layers.

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What would Antarctica be like without ice?

The weather will be fairly harsh even without the ice (six month “seasons” of summer sun and winter darkness) and Antarctica gets little precipitation so will be quite dry and arid.

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What causes crevasses in glaciers?

Crevasses are cracks in glacier ice caused by changing stresses as ice moves. Crevasses may form on the glacier surface on its underbelly or on the sides.

Is there land under the South Pole?

Although land at the South Pole is only about a hundred meters above sea level the ice sheet above it is roughly 2 700 meters (9 000 feet) thick.

What is at the bottom of a crevasse?

A bottom crevasse is of course filled with water. This water must freeze continuously to the walls of a bottom crevasse within a cold ice mass if there is no appreciable circulation of water into and out of the crevasse.

How do crevasses form in snow?

Crevasses form because the glacier is flowing over a rough uneven surface. Frozen water as you know does not easily pour. Thus as the thick sheet of ice moves down the mountain cracks open up in the brittle ice sheet. … The main reason crevasses present such a hazard to climbers is that snow bridges often obscure them.

What is a Icefall in geography?

An icefall is a portion of certain glaciers characterized by relatively rapid flow and chaotic crevassed surface caused in part by gravity. The term icefall is formed by analogy with the word waterfall which is a similar phenomenon of the liquid phase but at a more spectacular speed.

Why is Everest Unclimbable almost all year?

Apa Sherpa who recently won the Guinness World record for scaling Everest 21 times says that the lack of snow on the mountain due to climate change may one day make it unclimbable.

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