What Is A Dyke Tool

What Is A Dyke Tool?

Diags or dikes is jargon used especially in the US electrical industry to describe diagonal pliers. … “It is also the term used for hose clamping pliers that crush a hose shutting off the flow of fluid with a pair of parallel surfaces that come together.”

What tool is used to cut wires?


Use the correct pliers or wire cutters for the job. Proper use of side cutting (lineman’s) pliers: Many applications including electrical communications and construction work. Use to grip splice or cut wires and strip insulation.

What is a side cutter used for?

A range of side cutters also known as diagonal cutters availble for cutting wire. The cutting edges of the jaws intersects the joint rivet on an angle or diagonal hence the name. They cut the wire by creating an indentation and then the tool wedges the wire apart they should not be used in a shearing action.

Are pliers the same as wire cutters?

Remember that wire strippers are best for removing the insulation from wire while cutters are best for (you guessed it) cutting wire. Pliers help you reach bend grab cut hold and loop wire and crimpers are the best tool to join two pieces of ductile material together.

What is an end nipper?

End cutting pincers also known as end cutters nippers or end cutting pliers are used to cut through materials such as wire springs nails rivets and bolts. They feature much sharper jaws than carpenter’s pincers and an almost flat bladed head which lets you cut close against the surface without digging into it.

What is an electrical tool?

Electrical tools are tools used to work on an electrical system. These can include a wide range of tools such as wire and cable cutters wire strippers coaxial compression tools telephony tools wire cutter/strippers cable tie tools accessories and even more.

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What is cutter hand tools?

Cutters are hand tools which are used to cut a variety of materials. An average pair of cutters has two levers fixed together by a fulcrum which is located closer to one end. The shorter part is the jaws and the longer section comprises the handles. These tools use levers to extend and increase the strength of grip.

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What does a side cutter look like?

Can side cutters cut wire?

Both diagonal and side cutters are designed to cut wire or cable at an angle. They press and wedge the wire causing indentations as well as simply cutting.

What is the description of side cutter?

noun. 1A cutting blade or other device positioned at the side of a tool machine etc. 2(In plural) a pair of strong blades incorporated into a pair of pliers typically used for cutting wire (also) a pair of hand-held clippers having such blades used only for cutting wire sheet metal etc.

What’s a needle nose?

: pliers with long slender jaws used for grasping small or thin objects.

What are the dos and don’ts in using hand tools pliers?

Avoiding abuse/misuse:
  • Never expose these pliers to excessive heat.
  • Don’t bend stiff wire with the tip of the pliers.
  • Never rock the pliers side to side when cutting.
  • Never pry with the nose of the pliers.
  • Never attempt to cut a “HOT” wire.

What are needle nose pliers used for?

Needle-nose pliers are used to manipulate wire using the textured teeth. When working with this tool the handles should be gripped tightly yet apply gentle force. They are not sturdy enough to cut large hardened wires and they are not to be used on live electrical wires.

What are end cutter pliers?


End-cutting pliers – also known as nippers are used to cut nails wires rivets and bolts. Due to the almost flat head design the user can get flush with the surface to cut the object without digging into it.

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What are carpenters pincers used for?

Pincers are primarily used for removing objects (typically nails) out of a material that they have been previously applied to. Carpenter’s pincers are particularly suited to these tasks. If the pincers have perpendicular cutting edges the pincers are often called end-nippers or end-cutters.

How do you cut nails with pliers?

What tool uses electricity or motors?

A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labor used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors. Internal combustion engines and compressed air are also commonly used.

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Is a drill a power tool?

Drills are key power tool staples for every DIYer and homeowner. Some electric drills have power cords and require an electrical outlet and steady supply of electricity for proper operation. Cordless drills offer unlimited range and maximum power with a fully charged battery and are available in 12- 18- and 20-volts.

What is the name of tool used in electric field?


A multimeter is an important all-in-one tester used to measure voltages current and resistance in an electrical circuit and can help you locate power fluctuation causes like shoddy wiring. Klein Tools offers some budget and pro multimeters to suit your needs.

What are examples of cutting tools?

Examples of cutting tools
  • Single point turning tool—cutter for turning operation performed in lathe.
  • Drill—cutter for drilling operation performed on drilling machine or lathe or milling machine.
  • Milling cutter (or mill)—cutter for milling operations performed on milling machine.

What are the different types of cutting tools?

Types of Cutting Tools
  • Single Point Turning Tool. This cutting tool is for performing the turning operation in the lathe machine.
  • Drill. …
  • Mill (or Milling cutter). …
  • Reamer. …
  • Broach. …
  • Fly cutter. …
  • Shaper. …
  • Planer.

What makes a boat a cutter?

In this modern idiom a cutter is a sailing vessel with more than one head sail and one mast. Cutters carry a staysail directly in front of the mast set from the forestay. … A sloop carries only one head sail called either the foresail or jib..

How do you use a side cutter?

What is the difference of scissors and wire cutters?

Wire cutters have a stronger jaw hinge and the blade on the wire cutters is designed to cut through strong material. Scissors have a finer blade edge and a weaker jaw hinge and are designed for specific things. We have poultry shears that have a serrated edge and a stronger jaw still not recommended for cutting wire.

Are diagonal pliers the same as side cutters?

Diagonal pliers are specifically used to cut wire. They have various names i.e. side pliers side cutting pliers or diags. … These pliers are so called for its intersecting jaws cut wire at an angle. Unlike pairs of scissors they do not only cut the wire but they can form indentations and wedges in the wire.

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What are rosary pliers?

Rosary Pliers. … Rosary pliers are so-named because they are ideal for making rosary-style necklaces where each bead is put on a piece of wire with a wrapped loop at each end. Wire can be shaped and cut with this one tool! Measurements: Pliers are 5.25 inches long tips are 1.5mm at the narrowest point.

What is a flush wire cutter?

Answer: The term “flush” means level or straight and on the same plane so flush cutters cut a wire level. Side cutters or angle cutters cut on an angle meaning the wire edge will be cut to one side. The choice of use is totally up to you the wire jewelry maker. … This is also known as “double cutting.”

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What does side cutting mean?

: material excavated outside the established slopes required for a roadbed.

Who invented wire cutters?

Stuart G. Wood
The compound automatic wire stripper was first patented in 1915 by Stuart G. Wood of Brooklyn NY.

What does a needle nose pliers look like?

Who invented the needle nose pliers?

The tool’s inventor Mathias Klein identified a gap in the market for an all-encompassing tool to help electricians in their trade.

Is needle nose one word?

Having a long thin nose applied to needlenose pliers.

Why should not you ever use pliers on nuts?

Pliers should not be used for bolt turning work for three reasons. Because their jaws are flexible. They leave tool marks on the nut or bolt head often rounding the corner so much that it becomes extremely difficult to fit the proper wrench on the nut or bolt head in the future.

Why a hardened surface should never be struck with a hammer?

Because the hammer’s hardness is designed to strike something specific like soft steel hardened steel or brick don’t hit something with the hammer that it’s not designed to hit. If you’re doing serious work then get the right tool. To get more hit you need more head—it sounds simple.

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