What Is A Ferrofluid

What exactly is a ferrofluid?

Introduction. A ferrofluid is a fluid that becomes highly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. Ferrofluids are colloidal suspensions made of nanoscale ferromagnetic particles suspended in a carrier fluid.

What was ferrofluid used for?

Ferrofluid is used in rotary seals in computer hard drives and other rotating shaft motors and in loudspeakers to dampen vibrations. In medicine ferrofluid is used as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Can you touch ferrofluid?

Can you touch ferrofluid? You most certainly can but it is not recommended. Ferrofluids are considered a major skin irritant. Once you contact the ferrofluid with your finger the liquid quickly begins to travel up the ridges of your finger and around your nail.

Is ferrofluid toxic to humans?

Ingestion: This material has minimal toxicity but fluid aspirated into lungs during ingestion could cause severe pulmonary injury or death. Do not induce vomiting seek immediate medical attention.

Why do ferrofluids Spike?

When a strong magnet is placed near the ferrofluid spikes are observed. The spikes arise from the tendency of the particles to line up along the magnetic field lines to lower their energy. Surface tension of the fluid however limits the extent to which the particles can align themselves with the field.

How can I make ferrofluid at home?

Pour a bit of vegetable oil into a shallow dish just enough to make a thin film across the bottom. Pour iron filings into the oil and mix the two until they have become a thick sludge-like material. This is your ferrofluid! Use a napkin to absorb any excess oil and allow the ferrofluid to become thicker.

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Why did NASA invent ferrofluid?

Ferrofluid really is the stuff of science fiction. It was created at NASA as a way to move fuel in space and someday soon it may be used to pilot medicine through your body. … The first ferrofluid was invented by a NASA engineer named Steve Papell in the early 1960s.

Does ferrofluid freeze?

Ferrofluids are stable colloidal suspensions of ferromag- netic nanoparticles in a liquid carrier. … The results obtained indicate that the physical origins of the observed peaks and magnetic anomalies in ferrofluids are associated with the blocking and freezing effects.

How does a Ferrofluidic seal work?

The Ferrofluidics seal uses the response of a magnetic fluid to an externally applied magnetic field. The seal has a permanent magnet two pole pieces a magnetically permeable multi-staged shaft and the ferrofluid (see drawing). … Ferrofluidics use a standard ultra-low vapor pressure synthetic hydrocarbon-based fluid.

Why do magnets make spikes?

But when a magnet is brought close to the ferrofluid the particles rapidly align with the magnetic field forming the characteristic spiky appearance. If a magnetic object is placed in the ferrofluid the spikes will even climb the object before cascading back down.

Does ferrofluid react to electricity?

Why ferrofluids are not electrically conductive fluids? Why they are dielectric fluids? Ferrofluids are colloidal liquids made of Nano-scale ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic particles (such as iron and copper) suspended in a carrier fluid.

Can a magnet attract mercury?

At room temperature the element mercury is not very magnetic at all. It has a very small negative magnetic susceptibility meaning that when you put mercury in a magnetic field it magnetizes just a little tiny bit in the opposite direction. We say that mercury is a weakly diamagnetic substance at room temperature.

Does ferrofluid stain skin?

Although the authors postulate that the dyschomia is secondary to the iron in the ferrofluid it is possible that his cutaneous staining could have resulted from either the carrier fluid the surfactant used in the fluid and/or even an oxidative reaction with other components of his skin.

How do you dispose of ferrofluid?

Dispose of solid waste together with household garbage. Pour liquids down the sink. Wash with an excess of water.

Is ferrofluid flammable?

Like other oils Ferrofluid is flammable. Ferrofluid consists of billions of nano-size magnets in a liquid carrier. … Ferrofluids behave as a ‘liquid magnet’ and react to external magnetic fields.

Why does the ferrofluid spike with either side of the magnet?

The surfactant prevents clumping of the magnetic particles. … A ferrofluid forms spikes along the magnetic field lines when the magnetic surface force exceeds the stabilizing effects of fluid weight and surface tension (see photo).

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Why would ferrofluid not spike?

If too much water is added the ferrofluid will become too dilute and will not spike. If the ferrofluid is too dilute hold the strong magnet under the weighing boat then tilt the weighing boat so that the excess liquid runs off.

What force plays a role with ferrofluids?

In this case the first two forces (van der Waals and gravity) manifest themselves as surface tension and play a very big role in how the ferrofluid spikes. Obviously the magnetic force plays a major role in forming the spikes because we only see the spikes when we apply a sufficient magnetic field.

What oil makes the best ferrofluid?

grapeseed oil

In conclusion the oil that makes the most favorable ferrofluid is grapeseed oil because it contains a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acid.

How do you make a ferrofluid bottle?

Is ferrofluid easy to make?

Ferrofluids are made up of tiny magnetic fragments of iron suspended in oil (often kerosene) with a surfactant to prevent clumping (usually oleic acid). The fluid is relatively easy to make at home yet extremely expensive to buy on-line.

Who is Steve papell?

In the early 1960s Steve Papell an engineer at Lewis Research Center now Glenn Research Center came up with the idea of magnetizing rocket fuel as a way to draw it from a storage tank into an engine in the absence of gravity.

What fuel does NASA use?

liquid hydrogen
Today liquid hydrogen is the signature fuel of the American space program and is used by other countries in the business of launching satellites.Oct 20 2015

Is ferrofluid a rocket fuel?

It is called ferrofluid and it was invented by NASA’s Steve Papell to be a rocket fuel that could work in zero gravity due to its magnetic qualities. Magnet Expert Ltd recorded the experiment using a selection of strong neodymium magnets which can be bought on their website.

How long does ferro fluid last?

Typically ferrofluid lasts about 15 to 20 years with normal use. KEF recommends replacing ferrofluid after 15 years. If you go too long with dried up ferrofluid the tweeter may be permanently damaged.

Does ferrofluid expire?

First these bottles don’t last forever because the ferrofluid eventually starts to settle or coats the bottle surface. Second these bottles are tightly sealed which means they often fare poorly in freezing temperatures.

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What is a rotary feedthrough?

Rotary feedthroughs are used to transmit rotations from the outside to the inside of the vacuum chamber for example for moving a shutter or something similar. … The off-centre motion of this shaft then drives the rotation inside the vacuum.

Can a liquid be magnetic?

Magnets as we know them are always solid but the closest thing we have to a magnetic liquid is a class of liquids called ferrofluids. Made up of iron-oxide particles suspended in liquids these materials are only magnetic temporarily when exposed to other magnets.

What is a seal in engineering?

A mechanical seal is a device that helps join systems or mechanisms together by preventing leakage (e.g. in a pumping system) containing pressure or excluding contamination. … A stationary seal may also be referred to as ‘packing’.

How do you make oil magnetic?

What is magnetic slime?

Magnetic slime has iron in it and is attracted to a strong magnet. It is super stretchy and so much fun. When you hold a magnet near the slime it oozes toward it and the slime will “swallow” up a magnet if you let it go! SO COOL. Magnetic slime is easy to make with our 3 ingredient recipe!

What is the name of the magnetic liquid?

Ferrofluid is a liquid that is attracted to the poles of a magnet. It is a colloidal liquid made of nanoscale ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic particles suspended in a carrier fluid (usually an organic solvent or water).

What is Ferrohydrodynamics?

[‚fer·ō‚hī·drə·di′nam·iks] (physics) The study of the motion of strongly magnetizable fluids subjected to magnetic fields.

Is oil attracted to magnets?

On it’s own oil is not magnetic but MIT researchers say that when mixed with water-repellent nanoparticles that contain iron the oil can be magnetically separated from the water.

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