What Is Asia’S Longest River


Which is longest river of Asia?

Yangtze River
Yangtze River Chinese (Pinyin) Chang Jiang or (Wade-Giles romanization) Ch’ang Chiang longest river in both China and Asia and third longest river in the world with a length of 3 915 miles (6 300 km).

Which is the longest river in Asia Indus?

The Indus River or The Sindhu is one of the longest Rivers of Asia and it ranks seventh. The length of the River is 3 610 kilometers(2 243 miles). The basin size of the river delta is 1 165 000 kilometer square. The River flows through China India and Pakistan.

Is Huang Ho the longest river in Asia?

With a length of 3 395 miles (5 464 km) it is the country’s second longest river—surpassed only by the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang)—and its drainage basin is the third largest in China with an area of some 290 000 square miles (750 000 square km). … Yellow River (Huang He) northern China.

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What is a major river in Asia?

Mainland Southeast Asia is drained by five major river systems which from west to east are the Irrawaddy Salween Chao Phraya Mekong and Red rivers. The three largest systems—the Irrawaddy Salween and Mekong—have their origins in the Plateau of Tibet. … Sort out the facts about Asia in this quiz.

Which is longest river in South Asia?

The Mekong River

The Mekong River is the longest river in Southeast Asia. The river has a length of approximately 4 900 km flowing from its source on the Tibetan Plateau in China through Myanmar Lao PDR Thailand Cambodia and Viet Nam via a large delta into the sea.

Which is the longest river in India?

At over three thousand kilometers long the Indus is the longest river of India. It originates in Tibet from Lake Mansarovar before flowing through the regions of Ladakh and Punjab joining the Arabian Sea at Pakistan’s Karachi port.

Which is the second longest river in Asia?

List of longest rivers of Asia
River Length
1 Yangtze (Cháng Jiāng) 6 300
2 Yellow River (Huang He) 5 464
3 Mekong 4 909

Which river is longest Lena Brahmaputra OB or Indus?

  1. Yangtze River – 3 915 miles. Yangtze River China. …
  2. Yellow River – 3 395 miles. Yellow River China. …
  3. Mekong River – 3 050 miles. Mekong River border of Thailand and Laos. …
  4. Lena River – 2 668 miles. Lena River Russia. …
  5. Irtysh River – 2 640 miles. …
  6. Brahmaputra River – 2 391 miles. …
  7. Ob River – 2 268 miles. …
  8. Indus River – 2 243 miles.

Which is longest river in the world?

  • Nile: 4 132 miles.
  • Amazon: 4 000 miles.
  • Yangtze: 3 915 miles.

How long is the Yangtze river?

6 300 km

Where is Indus river?

The Indus is one of Asia’s mightiest rivers. From its source in the northwestern foothills of the Himalayas it flows through the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir and along the length of Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

What is the longest river in Antarctica?

The Onyx River
The Onyx River is the longest river in Antarctica flowing for 19 miles from the coastal Wright Lower Glacier and ending in Lake Vanda. This seasonal stream also has a long scientific record—it has been continuously monitored by scientists for 50 years.Jun 7 2019

What is the longest river in Southeast Asia quizlet?

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The Mekong River goes through eastern Tibet Laos Cambodia then enters the South China Sea through a delta in South Vietnam. The Yangtze River also know as the Chang Jiang River is located in South Western China and is also the longest river in China.

What are the four major rivers of Asia?

Four Great Rivers’ Source Pinpointed. The Brahmaputra Indus Salween and Irrawaddy rivers,all flowing from China’s Tibetan Plateau are among the most important rivers in Asia and even in the world.

Is the Nile river the longest river in Asia?

The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia. The source of the Yangtze is in the Tibetan Plateau and it flows into the East China Sea.

What is the total length of Indus river?

3 180 km

Which is the longest river of South India?


In terms of length catchment area and discharge the Godavari is the largest in peninsular India and had been dubbed as the Dakshina Ganga (Ganges of the South).

Godavari River.
Country India
State Maharashtra Telangana Andhra Pradesh
Region West India and South India
Physical characteristics

Which is the second longest river in India?

The Godavari
The Godavari is India’s second longest river after the Ganga.Oct 22 2018

Which is the longest river in India Wikipedia?

Ganga is the largest river system in India. However these rivers are just three among many. Other examples are Narmada Tapathi and Godavari.

Annual flows and other data.
River basin unit Ganges (GBM)
Region North
Draining into Bangladesh
Catchment area (% of river irrigated India) 26.5
Average runoff (km3) 525.02

How long is river Brahmaputra?

3 848 km

What are the 3 major rivers in South Asia?

Six countries of South Asia—Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan India Nepal and Pakistan—share the water flows of twenty major and scores of smaller rivers. The three main river systems are the Indus the Ganga or Ganges and the Brahmaputra. The Indus Basin includes areas in China Afghanistan India and Pakistan.

Which is the smallest river in Asia?

  • Butsubutsu River in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan 13.5 meters long.
  • Tamborasi River in Southeast Sulawesi in Indonesia approximately 20 meters long.
  • Singapore River 3.2 kilometers long.
  • Pasig River 25.2 kilometers long.

What is the name of Ganga in Bangladesh?

the Padma
In West Bengal in India as well as in Bangladesh the Ganges is locally called the Padma. The westernmost distributaries of the delta are the Bhagirathi and the Hugli (Hooghly) rivers on the east bank of which stands the huge metropolis of Kolkata (Calcutta).

Which is the longest river in Maharashtra?

Godavari River
Godavari River sacred river of central and southeastern India. One of the longest rivers in India its total length is about 910 miles (1 465 km) and it has a drainage basin of some 121 000 square miles (313 000 square km). Ghats along the Godavari River in Nashik Maharashtra India.

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Which is the longest river bridge in India?

Name River/Water Body Spanning
Bhupen Hazarika Setu Lohit River 9 150
Dibang River Bridge Dibang River 6 200
Mahatma Gandhi Setu Ganges River 5 750

Is Ganga the longest river of India?

The Ganges is the longest river in India if we consider the total distance covered by a river within India. Two major rivers of the Indian subcontinent – Brahmaputra and Indus – are longer than the Ganges in total length.

Which country in Asia has the most rivers in the world?

China (24 Rivers)

How many rivers are in India?

There are 8 major river systems in India with more than 400 rivers in total. Rivers play an important role in the lives of the Indian people due to their crucial importance in sustenance and their place in Indian religions.

How long is the Yangtze River in kilometers?

6 300 km

Is Yangtze a Brahmaputra river?

These rivers include the Brahmaputra the Yangtze the Mekong the Sutlej the Indus the Salween and the Huang Ho which is also known as the Yellow River. The Brahmaputra has a total length of 2 880 kilometres with a total drainage area of 5 73 394 square kilometres.

Is the Yangtze River the second longest river in the world?

Yangtze River. The Yangtze River (or “Changjiang” in Chinese literally the “long river”) is the longest river in China running 6 300 kilometers (3915 miles). It is also the third longest river in the world.

How long is Ganga river?

2 510 km

Which river is Nile of Pakistan?

Indus River

Indus River“.

Which river is called Father of All Rivers?

Named by Algonkian-speaking Indians Mississippi can be translated as “Father of Waters.” The river the largest in North America drains 31 states and 2 Canadian provinces and runs 2 350 miles from its source to the Gulf of Mexico.

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