What Is The Largest Mountain In Africa?

What Is The Largest Mountain In Africa?

Located in Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro is the African continent’s highest peak at 5 895 meters (19 340 feet). The majestic mountain is a snow-capped volcano. Located in Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain at about 5 895 meters (19 340 feet).Sep 20 2019

What is the largest mountain in Africa called?

Mount Kilimanjaro
Located in Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro is the African continent’s highest peak at 5 895 meters (19 340 feet). The majestic mountain is a snow-capped volcano. Located in Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain at about 5 895 meters (19 340 feet).Sep 20 2019

What are the 3 Major mountain ranges in Africa?

The highest African mountain is Kilimanjaro which has three peaks named Kibo Mawenzi and Shira of which Kibo is the tallest. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa which also has three main peaks namely Batian Nelion and Lenana Point. Weshema / Wasema?

What is the largest city in Africa?


What is the biggest rock in Africa?

Sibebe Rock

This granite mountain is the largest rock in Africa and the second-largest monolith in the world. At more than 3 000 feet (around 800 meters) tall Sibebe Rock is the largest granite pluton in the world and the second-largest monolithic rock.

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What are the two highest mountain peaks in Africa?

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Located in Tanzania it reaches the highest summit at 5 895 meters. This highest peak is the Kibo one of Kilimanjaro’s volcanic cones with Mawenzi and Shira. Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain on the African continent with a height of 5 199 meters.

What is the biggest desert in Africa?

The Sahara
The Sahara is the world’s largest desert it extends across most of the northern part of Africa. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc.

What country has the most mountains in Africa?

List of highest points of African countries
Rank Country Highest point
1 Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro
46 Togo Mont Agou
39 Tunisia Jebel ech Chambi
4 Uganda Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley

What is the smallest city in Africa?

The least populous capital city in Africa is Maseru in Lesotho with a population of 14 000. The least populous capital city in Africa is Maseru in Lesotho with a population of 14 000.

Zimbabwe – Harare.
Country Capital
Somalia Mogadishu
South Africa Pretoria
South Sudan Juba
Sudan Khartoum

Which country is the richest in Africa?


Nigeria is the richest and most populous country in Africa.

Richest African Countries by GDP
  • Nigeria – $514.05 billion.
  • Egypt – $394.28 billion.
  • South Africa – $329.53 billion.
  • Algeria – $151.46 billion.
  • Morocco – $124 billion.
  • Kenya – $106.04 billion.
  • Ethiopia – $93.97 billion.
  • Ghana – $74.26 billion.
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What is the capital city of Africa?

(l to r) The National Assembly building in Luanda Angola the National Assembly building in Abuja Nigeria the Union Buildings in Pretoria South Africa the Parliament of Kenya in Nairobi and the Capitol Building in Monrovia Liberia.
Capital Cities of African Nations Bangui
Bangui Map
851 000
Central Africa

Which is the longest river in Africa?

Nile River
Nile River: Longest river in Africa ‘Blue Nile River Dam’ dey cause Egypt-Ethiopia kasala – Read wetin you need to know.Jul 22 2020

Which mountains form the longest mountain chain in Africa?

The larger part of it edges South Africa and it is given other names in other countries the most popular one being the Drakensberg. The Drakensberg Mountains are the escarpment’s highest peaks.

How many countries are in Africa?

54 countries

There are 54 countries in Africa today according to the United Nations.

Where is the highest mountain found?

Mount Everest located in Nepal and Tibet is usually said to be the highest mountain on Earth. Reaching 29 029 feet at its summit Everest is indeed the highest point above global mean sea level—the average level for the ocean surface from which elevations are measured.

How many mountains are in Kenya?

The country contains 3 856 named mountains the highest and most prominent of which is Mount Kenya (5 199 m/3 827 ft).

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Which is the hottest desert in Africa?

  • The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert and the third largest desert behind Antarctica and the Arctic. …
  • The Sahara is the hottest desert in the world – with one of the harshest climates.

What are the 3 largest deserts in Africa?

Africa – the second largest continent in the world is also home to the largest desert in the world – the Sahara. In fact there are three deserts on the continent – The Sahara the Namib and the Kalahari. Together these three amazingly vast and diverse land masses cover a large portion of Africa.

What is the smallest desert in Africa?

The Lompoul desert

The Lompoul desert is Africa’s smallest desert lying in northwestern Senegal between Dakar and Saint-Louis.

What is the first largest country in Africa?


Algeria is the biggest country in Africa. Exceeding 2.38 million square kilometers as of 2020 Algeria is the African country with the largest area.

Countries in Africa as of 2020 by area (in square kilometers)
Characteristic Area in square kilometers
Algeria 2 381 741
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2 344 858
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Which African country has the most diamond?


Botswana is the largest diamond producer in Africa with natural gemstones and industrial diamond production amounting to a total of 20.9 million carats in 2016.

What is the most common language in Africa?

While Arabic is the most spoken language in Africa there’s plenty more – other popular languages include Amharic Berber Portuguese Oromo Igbo Yoruba Zulu and Shona.

How many cities are in Africa?

Share of Africa’s urban population

The 100 cities had a total population of 242.5 million in 2020 out of a total urban population for Africa of 587.7 million. There are thousands of urban centres not in the top 100 whose combined population was 345.2 million in 2020.

What is the most populated city in the world?


Largest Cities in the World (2015)
Rank Urban Area Population Estimate (2015)
1 Tokyo-Yokohama 37 843 000
2 Jakarta 30 539 000
3 Delhi DL-UP-HR 24 998 000
4 Manila 24 123 000

Who is the richest man in Africa?

Aliko Dangote

As of September 2021 Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa. He has a net worth of 11.5 billion U.S. dollars and ranks 191 worldwide. From Nigeria he is the founder and chairman of the Dangote Group a large conglomerate operating in several sectors including cement and sugar.

What is the safest country in Africa?

10 of the Safest Places to Visit in Africa in 2020/2021
  1. Rwanda. Rwanda is arguably the safest country in Africa which is immediately apparent upon arrival in the relaxed and sophisticated capital Kigali. …
  2. Botswana. …
  3. Mauritius. …
  4. Namibia. …
  5. Seychelles. …
  6. Ethiopia. …
  7. Morocco. …
  8. Lesotho.

Which country has the best doctors in Africa?

1. South Africa. South Africa has the best healthcare system in Africa.

What is the smallest country in Africa?


Seychelles is the smallest country in Africa overall with the Gambia being the smallest in continental Africa.

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What’s the capital of America?

United States/Capitals
Since the U.S. Congress was established by the Constitution in 1789 it has convened in three locations: New York Philadelphia and its permanent home in Washington D.C.

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How many villages are in Africa?

As a result many of the places where people live on the African continent has been geo-coded. According to official data geo-coded information and approximations based on national definitions of rural areas it is estimated there are around 400’000 localities in Sub-Saharan Africa of which 99 percent are villages.

Which is the longest of Africa?

The Nile is the longest river in Africa and the second longest river in the world with 6 695 kilometres. Its basin spans 3 349 000 square kilometres approximately 10% of the surface area of Africa.

What is Africa’s largest lake and highest mountain?

Lake Victoria

Covering three countries and a space of 68 800 square kilometers Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake. It is also the world’s biggest tropical lake and its second largest freshwater lake.

How many languages are spoken in Africa?

2 000 languages

Languages of Africa. There are an estimated 2 000 languages spoken in Africa. The American linguist Joseph Greenberg argued that they fall into six major linguistic families: Afroasiatic stretches from North Africa to the Horn of Africa and Southwest Asia.

Which is the longest mountain?


Rank Range Max. elevation
1 Andes 6 962 m (22 841 ft)
2 Southern Great Escarpment 3 482 m (11 424 ft)
3 Rocky Mountains 4 401 m (14 439 ft)
4 Transantarctic Mountains 4 528 m (14 856 ft)

What is the largest mountain range in the world called?

The mid-ocean ridge
The mid-ocean ridge is the longest mountain range on Earth. The longest mountain range on Earth is called the mid-ocean ridge. Spanning 40 389 miles around the globe it’s truly a global landmark. About 90 percent of the mid-ocean ridge system is under the ocean.Feb 26 2021

Who named Africa Africa?

ancient Romans

The name Africa was given to this continent by the ancient Romans and Greeks. However Alkebulan was not the only name used for the continent. There were many others used throughout history by the people living there including Corphye Ortigia Libya and Ethiopia. However Alkebulan is the most common one.

Are there 57 countries in Africa?

Africa has 54 countries fully recognized by the United Nations two independent states with limited or no recognition (Western Sahara and Somaliland) and several territories (mostly islands) controlled by non-African countries.

Top 10 Highest Mountains in Africa

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