What Is The Only Thing To Go Beyond The Limits Of Our Universe ?

What does throwing candies on the ground do?

Throwing further candies on the ground will do nothing and the smiley will just keep eating the giant candies and saying *nom*.

How do I start the candy box?

Candy Box begins with an incredibly simple proposition: collect candy. Start up the game then leave it running for fifteen or twenty minutes. When you first start out you’ll only be able to Eat or Drop candy…

What are all the items in candy box 2?

  • Wooden Sword.
  • Iron Axe.
  • Polished Silver Sword.
  • Troll’s Bludgeon.
  • Monkey Wizard Staff.
  • Tribal Spear.
  • Scythe.
  • Giant Spoon.

How do you cheat on candy box 2?

Click “Get the current game as text” and locate the line “number gameCandiesCurrent=X”. Just change the number of the code line to however many you want (if you want 9 999 candies change all three numbers to 9999 no commas). Lollipops and chocolate bars are basically the same thing.

How do you get the heart plug in candy box 2?

The Heart Plug is an item that can be found in the Cave entrance. To find it you’ll need to follow the arrows that will randomly appear on the left or right path to finally arrive to a chest. Inside it you’ll find the heart plug.

How do you get the P Stone in candy box 2?

After successfully completing the “Castle’s entrance” quest go up the stairs and start attacking the dragon. After a short time a conversation will start. If you choose the “Candies” option you can now unlock an extra question from the cyclops at the lighthouse.

How do you make a turtle potion in candy box 2?

Turtle Potion
  1. Place 50 candies and 500 lollipops in the cauldron.
  2. Mix for 10 seconds.
  3. Stop mixing.
  4. Add 50 more candies.
  5. Mix for five more seconds.
  6. Pour the brew into bottles.

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How do I get boots of introspection?

You need to make an X potion use it during a fight and to win the fight that it puts you into. Use the X potion and you’ll fight yourself. but you have to use the Octopus King’s Crown. Then you’ll get da boots.

What is the best weapon in candy box 2?

The giant Spoon of Doom deals the most damage of any weapon at the game a shocking 315 but is negated by the ‘incredibly slow’ speed. Even still it is one of the best weapons in the game alongside the Scythe.

How do you beat the dragon in candy box?

The Dragon is the final boss in the Castle’s keep quest and has 1000 HP. A good way to beat him is to use invulnerability potions just before you reach him. That way you will not receive the massive damage. When your potion ends use teleport scrolls to delay.

How do you get a sorceress hat in candy box 2?

The Sorceress’ Hat costs 1 billion (1 000 000 000) lollipops. It can be bought from the Sorceress’ Hut by clicking on her hat.

How do you beat yourself in candy box 1?

Yourself. In the quest “Yourself” you literally must defeat yourself. This can be done by buying “surpassing yourself” for 1 000 000 Lollipops at the Sorceress’ hut and then going and defeating yourself. Note that if you have too much HP this can take a very long time to complete.

How do you beat the forest in candy box 2?

You should enchant your gloves by throwing chocolate bars into the well. Pink gloves are great for the forest (they give you health regen). Also you should kill the monkey wizard in the cave for a better weapon.
  1. Eat more candies.
  2. Go to the ocean and get the sponge.
  3. Go to the forest squeeze then jump everywhere.

How does Candy Box 2 end?

Going beyond 1630 candies he continues to dig a hole and find a bunch of candies and continues to eat them. This is the end of the animation.

How do you beat the octopus king in Candy Box 2?

The general strategy for beating him is using the Troll’s Bludgeon and 2-3 health or turtle potions. Alternatively you can use the Pogo Stick and the Feather to jump over him and then use the Pink Enchanted Gloves or some Health Potions to regenerate health while jumping.

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How do you beat the monkey wizard in Candy Box 2?

The easiest method is to use the Boots of Introspection to prevent yourself from moving and repeatedly Fireball to defeat him. You can pair this with red enchanted Leather Gloves or Octopus King’s Crown enchanted with jaspers as they both spam additional magic attacks to make this much easier.

What does the L Stone do?

The L stone is hidden in the chest inside the upper room in The Castle area. Inside this room you can see the chest at the end with a lot of eggs in between and a monster floating near the ceiling. Walking up to the chest and breaking any of the eggs will cause the monster to instantly rush and kill you.

How do you use the rocket boots in Candy Box 2?

Rocket boots are an item in Candy Box 2. They can be found in a chest in the third room of The desert fortress. Pressing ‘j’ with them equipped will allow the player to fly.

How do you beat developer?

Wait until you reach the developer as soon as you reach him pop a berserker potion then wait until his first attack finishes(Hello) and then pop a berserker again. You should kill the developer just as he drops his second attack on you.

How do you beat the developers computer in candy box?

Strategy. The developer can only be killed for the most part by pressing a key (completely random) on the keyboard which will kill him instantly.

What is the max health in candy box 2?

1 Answer. There is no maximum max health set by the game but the maximum you can get out of eating candies is 900 (the function on row 4 in the code below maxes out at 900). You need to eat about 2 700 000 candies to reach the cap.

How do you use the cauldron in candy box?

To make a major health potion put 100 lollipops into the cauldron and mix them. When the counter reaches ten seconds add in 100 candies and let the mixing continue. When the timer reaches twenty seconds stop it and put it into a bottle(s).

What is the point of candy box 2?

The idea is simple: the longer you keep the browser open the more candies you accumulate. Initially you can only do things like eat candies throw them on the ground or unlock other features like a HUD or ability to save.

How do you talk to the dragon in candy box 2?

The dragon sits atop The Castle. To get to him you must first get past all the Knights at the Castle Entrance. Your character will try to attack the dragon for a bit then stop and talk to it.

How do you beat the Castle Keep in candy box?

How do you beat the giant nougat in monster legends?

The easiest way to kill it is with the Rocket Boots the Enchanted Octopus King’s Crown with Obsidian Red Enchanted Leather Gloves and the Enchanted Monkey Wizard Staff. What you have to do is use the boots to fly above the monster and let your staff and octopus do the rest.

How do you get the chest in the third room in candy box 2?

The third room contains a chest high up in the right corner of the room and requires the player to make a ‘staircase’ to reach it (see the Rocket boots article for an explanation).

How do you get the purple shark fin in candy box 2?

Obtaining. You obtain this item by killing the shark with the purple fin. This enemy appears after spending a long time (~6.5 min) in The Sea.

How do I get the key for the desert fortress?

The Desert Fortress Key is found in one of the chests located within The Hole just east of the castle. As soon as the desert key is obtained a new area the Desert Fortress becomes available to the player.

What does the octopus king crown do?

The Octopus King’s Crown is a piece of armor that can be obtained by defeating the Octopus King in single combat. It does nothing other than increasing your confidence. If Chocolate bars are thrown into the wishing well you can enchant the crown.

Octopus King’s Crown.
Octopus King’s Crown with Obsidian
Location: The Cave entrance

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How do you get health potions in candy box 2?

The health potion is an item that may be purchased from the candy merchant for 600 candies. It can also be made by mixing 100 candies in the Cauldron. (Once it used lollipops like the major health potion.)

How do I get more chocolate bars in candy box 2?

According to the Candy Box 2 wiki you can only get 13 chocolate bars total:
  1. You can buy 1 at the shop.
  2. You get 1 for throwing 1630 candies on the ground.
  3. You get 3 for answering the squirrel’s questions.
  4. You find 1 in the cave.
  5. You find 3 beneath the tree after finding the map (rocks) in the cave.
  6. You find 4 in the hole.

What do Lolligators do?

Lolligators are creatures that appear in Candy Box 2. … They will provide lollipops at the cost of candies.

How do you get P Stones?

You get the P stone after solving the Cyclops’ riddle/mini-game. You will get the option to play his riddle after talking to the dragon in the castle and telling him you want candy.

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