What Language Is Spoken In Guinea

What languages are spoken in Guinea?

Languages of Guinea
Official French
National Fula Mandinka Susu Kissi Kpelle (also known in French as Guerzé) Loma
Signed American Sign Language (Francophone African Sign Language)
interethnic French Fula

What is the main language spoken in Guinea Bissau?

The official language of Guinea-Bissau is Portuguese which is spoken by 11% of the population. The local dialect is called Crioulo or Kiriol. French is also learned in schools as Guinea-Bissau is surrounded by French-speaking countries and is a full member of the Francophonie as well as the Lusophone CPLP.

Is Guinea and Equatorial Guinea the same?

Guinea (map) (officially the Republic of Guinea French: République de Guinée) is a country in West Africa. … Equatorial Guinea (map) officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa.

Is Guinea a rich country?

Guinea’s mineral wealth makes it potentially one of continent’s richest countries but its people are among the poorest in West Africa.

What is Guinea Conakry known for?

Conakry became industrialized in the 1950s with the development of iron mining on the Kaloum Peninsula and the exploitation of bauxite on the nearby Los Islands. Local enterprises include fruit canning fish packing printing automobile assembly and the manufacture of aluminum utensils and plastics.

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Is Guinea safe to visit?

Is Guinea safe? Travelers need to know that Guinea remains an unsafe place to travel. Corruption is rife and crime flourishes here. Although the law protects the rights of citizens its administration is still in the hands of a weak judiciary and corrupt security forces.

Is Portuguese spoken in Guinea?

Guinean Portuguese (Portuguese: Português Guineense) is the variety of Portuguese spoken in Guinea-Bissau where it is the official language.

What is the official language of Macau?

Macao/Official languages
Macau is a small Special Autonomous Region (SAR) of China located on the Pearl River Delta adjacent to Hong Kong. Unlike Hong Kong its colonial heritage is Portuguese rather than British. Macau’s official languages are Portuguese and Standard Chinese and the most widely spoken local language is Cantonese.

What is the official language of Cape Verde?

Portuguese is a Romance language originating in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. It is the sole official language of Portugal Angola Mozambique Guinea-Bissau Cape Verde São Tomé and Príncipe and Brazil while having co-official language status in East Timor Equatorial Guinea and Macau.


Why are there 3 Guineas in Africa?

Guinea is a region in West Africa named after the Gulf of Guinea. Most of the European colonies in that region naturally took on names like French Guinea Spanish Guinea Portuguese Guinea German Guinea etc. After independence some kept the Guinea part while dropping the names of the colonists.

What do you call someone from Guinea Ecuatorial?

People. Nationality: Noun–Equatorial Guinean(s) Equatoguinean(s) Adjective–Equatorial Guinean Equatoguinean. Population (July 2000 est.): 474 214.

What is a Guinea to a pound?

The guinea (/ˈɡɪniː/ commonly abbreviated gn. or gns. … In each case a guinea meant an amount of one pound and one shilling (21 shillings) or one pound and five pence (£1.05) in decimalised currency.

What is the currency of Guinea?

The Guinea franc (GNF) is the national currency of the African nation of Guinea. The country used the common area currency the CFA franc until its independence in 1958.

What is the unemployment rate in Guinea?

Unemployment refers to the share of the labor force that is without work but available for and seeking employment. Guinea unemployment rate for 2020 was 4.35% a 0.21% increase from 2019.

Where should you not go in Africa?

Here’s a closer look at the five “Do Not Travel” countries in Africa and why officials consider them too dangerous for travel.
  • Central African Republic. Reason for Level 4 Designation: Crime Civil Unrest Kidnapping or Hostage Taking. …
  • Libya. …
  • Mali. …
  • Somalia. …
  • Sudan. …
  • South Sudan.

Where is Guine?

western Africa
Guinea country of western Africa located on the Atlantic coast. Three of western Africa’s major rivers—the Gambia the Niger and the Sénégal—rise in Guinea.Oct 8 2021

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Is Conakry Guinea safe?

Violent crime is prevalent especially in Conakry and in some rural areas such as Kankan. Armed robbery carjackings assaults muggings and break-ins occur in Conakry and the Kindia Region. These violent crimes are often perpetrated by men wearing military or police uniforms.

How many tribes are there in Guinea?

The population is made up of 24 ethnic groups with Conakry the capital city the most ethnically diverse town in Guinea.

Ethnic Groups Of Guinea (Conakry)
Rank Ethnic Group Share of Population in Guinea
1 Fulani 41%
2 Mandinka 33%
3 Soussou 12%
4 Kissi 5%

What is the safest country in Africa?


Mauritius is considered to be the safest country in Africa.

In fact its global rank is high in the Peace Index. This makes sense then as tourism is one of Mauritius’s biggest industries. The country has many beautiful attractions and is considered to be a tropical paradise.

What is the crime rate in Guinea?

Crime rates in Guinea
Level of crime 91.67 Very High
Problem people using or dealing drugs 87.50 Very High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 68.75 High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 81.25 Very High
Problem corruption and bribery 93.75 Very High

Do you need a visa for Guinea?

Yes. All US citizens must have a visa to travel to Guinea for any trip purpose including tourism and business travel. In addition to a visa a valid passport and proof of the yellow fever vaccination are required for entry.

What country in Africa speaks Spanish?

Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea
Republic of Equatorial Guinea República de Guinea Ecuatorial (Spanish) République de Guinée Équatoriale (French) República da Guiné Equatorial (Portuguese)
Largest city Bata
Official languages Spanish Portuguese French
Spoken languages show List

What language is spoken in Austria?

Although Croatian Hungarian Slovenian Turkish and other languages are spoken by the various minority groups nearly all people in Austria speak German. The dialect of German spoken in Austria except in the west is Bavarian sometimes called Austro-Bavarian.

Do they speak English in Guinea?

According to the 2014 census of Guinea the country has 22 major languages. French is the country’s official language but is used almost exclusively as a second language. Six indigenous languages have the status of national languages: Pular (or Fula) Maninka Susu Kissi Kpelle and Toma.

Is Macau a Portuguese?

Macau is the last Portuguese colony to gain independence from Portugal and the only one which is not a member of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries despite Portuguese being one of its official languages.

Do they speak English in Macau?

The two official languages of Macau are Cantonese and Portuguese. However Cantonese is the most common language spoken by locals. English is also widely understood – mostly in the casino resorts and main tourist areas.

Is it expensive in Macau?

Is Macau cheap? It depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re arriving from Thailand Vietnam and to a lesser extent China it’s likely to leave you with a pain in your wallet. But if you compare the city to Hong Kong and most people do Macau is cheap – in fact it’s a bargain.

Is Cape Verde Spanish or Portuguese?

Poor in natural resources prone to drought and with little arable land the Cape Verde islands have won a reputation for achieving political and economic stability. The former Portuguese colony comprises 10 islands and five islets all but three of which are mountainous.

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Are Cape Verdeans Portuguese?

Cape Verdeans also called Cabo Verdeans (Portuguese: cabo-verdiano) are the citizens of Cape Verde an island nation consisting of an archipelago in the central Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Verdeans.
Total population
Spain 10 000
United States 33 119–102 853
Netherlands 21 218 (2011)
Argentina 15.000 (1995)

Is Cape Verdean Creole like Portuguese?

Cape Verdean Creole is a Portuguese-based creole language spoken on the islands of Cape Verde. It is also called Kriolu or Kriol by its native speakers. … It is the most widely spoken Portuguese-based creole language.

How Guinea got its name?

The English term Guinea comes directly from the Portuguese word Guiné which emerged in the mid-15th century to refer to the lands inhabited by the Guineus a generic term for the black African peoples south of the Senegal River in contrast to the “tawny” Zenaga Berbers above it whom they called Azenegues or Moors.

How many countries have Guinea?

Four countries have Guinea in their names: Guinea Equatorial Guinea Guinea-Bissau Papua New Guinea. English “Guinea” is derived from the Portuguese word “Guiné” which originated during the mid-15th century.

Is Guinea the same as Papua New Guinea?

New Guinea is administratively divided into two parts: its western half comprises the Indonesian propinsi (or provinsi provinces) of Papua and West Papua (collectively formerly called Irian Jaya) and its eastern half comprises the major part of Papua New Guinea an independent country since 1975.

Who lives in Equatorial Guinea?

Ethnic groups
Ethnic groups in Equatorial Guinea
Fang 85.7%
Bubi 6.5%
Mdowe 3.6%
Annobonese 1.6%

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