What Place Is It

Whats this place meaning?

This expression is commonly used to convey awe horror or astonishment regarding one’s surroundings. Suppose for instance that you and your friends stumble upon an ancient tomb underneath your familiar city. “What is this place?” she wondered her eyes wide with amazement.

Where is it located or where it is located?

Where it is located is a statement of fact.” “Where is it located?” is correct if the intention is to ask a question. When the intention is to state a fact “where it is located” is correct e.g. “Behind the sofa is where the key is located.”

How do you ask about a place?

To ask if a place has something use Is there … ? or Are there any … ? . Is there a hairdryer in the room? Is there a TV? Is there much noise from the neighbours?

What does have a place mean?

to have a station room or seat as such desires can have no place in a good heart.

What does my place mean?

My place is simply an informal way of saying my home and is certainly used. To sound very formal use my residence.

Where is it vs where it is?

Both the sentences are correct but the second one requires a proper context. “Where is it” is a complete sentence. It is a question. In which the verb precedes the subject.

Where is it at grammar?

Yes your statement was perfectly grammatical. Your customer is correct that you don’t have to say ‘at’: “where it is” is every bit as acceptable as—and in some circumstances more acceptable than—“where it’s at” but “where it’s at” is not ungrammatical as such.

Has been located Meaning?

If something is located in a particular place it is present or has been built there.

Where are you located means?

“Where are you located ” is commonly used to ask the location of a business or organization or as you suggest it can be used to ask and individual where they are currently located.

How do you ask where you from?

If you really want to know “where I am from ” why don’t you try asking these more specific questions instead:
  1. Where were you born.
  2. Where did you grow up.
  3. What culture do you identify with.
  4. What is your nationality.

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How do you ask where do you live?

Usually someone will ask you where you live as a polite question after they’ve asked you your name where you’re from and what you do for a living. They’ll say: “So where do you live?”

What is a place word?

Filters. (linguistics) Locative word. noun.

What does the word Olace mean?

conjunction. interjection. article. Olace is a noun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality.

What kind of word is place?

Place can be a noun or a verb – Word Type.

Do it in my place meaning?

1. Literally in someone’s or something’s physical location. Hey you’re in my place! You know I always sit here!

Is it in my place or at my place?

At my place” would be your home or place of work. It’s situational. You could say “at my place we get 7 days Sick pay per year” or “oh the money is back at my place” – it’s a “where”. However when you say “in my place” you are asking someone to consider your personal position.

What does it mean when someone says know your place?

Behave suitably for one’s position rank or status. This idiom often has the sense of “to behave humbly not criticize ones’ superiors ” as in Sorry I know my place and I can’t tell you more about my supervisor’s plans.

Why do Americans say where is he at?

So anyone who uses a contraction is going to want to put something after it—like “at.” Besides in these “where … at” constructions it’s the location—the “at”—that’s stressed in speech not the verb. … So we know why this usage turns up so often in American speech.

Where is at meaning?

Definition of where (someone) is at

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: someone’s true opinion state or nature I haven’t quite figured out where she’s at on that issue.

How is she or her?

1. “She” is an object pronoun while “her” is a possessive pronoun. 2. “She” is used for the subject of the sentence while “her” is used for the object of the sentence.

Is it proper English to say where is it at?

3 Answers. Yes your statement was perfectly grammatical. Your customer is correct that you don’t have to say ‘at’: “where it is” is every bit as acceptable as—and in some circumstances more acceptable than—“where it’s at” but “where it’s at” is not ungrammatical as such.

Is it proper to say where is it at?

Why can’t you just say “Where are you?” Having “at” at the end does nothing for the sentence and the sentence cannot be retooled to make sense while including “at.” (link) … A preposition is a fine word to end a sentence with but the “at” in “Where are you at?” (or “At where are you?”) is just incorrect.

Where are you slang?

Filters. (proscribed nonstandard slang set phrase) “Where are you?” Used as an inquiry of location especially figuratively. Last time I saw ya you were flipper (flippin’) burgers where you at now? phrase.

What type of speech is located?


LOCATED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the noun form of locate?

locality. The fact or quality of having a position in space. The features or surroundings of a particular place.

Is located in synonym?

What is another word for located?
placed positioned
sited situated
based found
occupying posted
set stationed

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Where are you from meaning?

Literal: In which country or region were you born or raised?

Where RU put up meaning?

“Where do you put up?” is used to mean where are you staying temporarily but it is more often used with an object: A: Where do you put up visiting relatives? B: We have a guest room.

Where are you living now meaning?

“Where are you living?” is used when you have some knowledge of the residential history of the person to whom you are speaking it throws the present residence into contrast with the previous residence(s).

How do you ask for hometown?

Asking about someone’s hometown
  1. What is your hometown?
  2. Where is your hometown?
  3. What is the name of your hometown?

What is the best answer for where are you from?

Here are some typical responses:
  • “I’m from here.” + [any of the sentences you provided].
  • “I’m from here. I’ve lived here my whole life.”
  • “I’m from here. I was born here in Bankok and I’ve lived here my whole life.”
  • “I was born here and have lived here my whole/entire life.”

Where are you based?

It can mean the place where you live or the place where you work depending on the conversation.

Where are you living or where do you live?

The present continuous is used to talk about things that are more transient not so fixed. People who are more fixed in their life more settled may well use “where do you live?” while those who are more transient like homeless people or students may tend to “where are you living?”.

Where are you from VS Where do you live?

“Where are you from?” can mean “Where were you born?” “What’s your home country?” “Where do you claim citizenship?” or something similar. “Where do you live?” asks only that without implying any of the other things.

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