Where Did Troy Learn To Play Baseball?

Where Did Troy Learn To Play Baseball??


When did Troy play baseball in fences?

Act 1 scene 2 contains no references to baseball. Are you sure you mean this scene? Troy never actually plays baseball anywhere in the play. We discover that he learned how to play baseball when he was in prison (Act 1 scene 4) where he served 15 years.

What sport did Troy play when he was younger?

Bono.” Bono and Troy met in jail where Troy learned to play baseball. Bono is the only character in Fences who remembers first-hand Troy’s glory days of hitting homeruns in the Negro Leagues. Troy’s son with a woman he met before Rose.

Why did Troy stop playing baseball in fences?

Rose tries to get Troy to admit that he was too old to play for the Major Leagues and that times have changed since the years Troy was prohibited from the Major Leagues because of the color of his skin. Troy will not agree with Rose.

Who is Cory What sport does he play in school Where does he work?


Cory Maxson plays football for his high school team. Cory works hard in school and is talented enough at football to attract the attention of college…

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What was Troy’s Speciality as a baseball player?

Unable to open up to those that he loves Troy keeps much of his emotion inside building imaginary fences between himself and his family and friends. Furthermore as a baseball player Troy’s specialty was hitting home runs – hitting the ball over the fence.

How does Troy feel about baseball?

Baseball is what Troy is most proud of and knows he conquered on his own. In this first scene of the play Troy is afraid of nothing values his life and feels in control. Troy’s attitude toward death is proud and nonchalant. Troy says “Ain’t nothing wrong with talking about death.

How much does Troy pay the police for Gabe’s bail money?

It cost Troy fifty dollars to bail out Gabriel. Troy and Bono believe that the police arrest Gabriel often because it is easy for them to take him and it makes them a quick fifty dollars.

What did Troy do to Gabe?

Troy is confused and hurt. He had thought that the papers he signed were the release forms to allow Gabe out of jail. He had made a mistake in sending Gabe away because he could not read the papers that he signed. Troy denies having signed the papers but Rose saw Troy’s signature on the document.

Where is Alberta from in fences?

Alberta. Troy’s buxom lover from Tallahassee and Raynell’s mother. Alberta dies while giving birth. She symbolizes the exotic dream of Troy’s to escape his real life problems and live in an illusion with no time.

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What happened to Troy’s brother Gabriel?

Gabe was wounded in World War II and now has a metal plate in his head. The disability money he receives as result of his injury allowed Troy to buy the house that the Maxsons now live in a source of shame for Troy.

Who is Josh Gibson in fences?

The best batter in the league was Josh Gibson. He hit almost 800 home runs and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972. Josh Gibson was a role model for Troy. Just like Troy Gibson never had a chance to play in the white Major Leagues.

Will Troy allow Cory to pursue his dream?

Although Cory is being recruited to play football in college Troy’s bitterness and negative personal experiences prevent him from exercising perspective and allowing Cory to pursue his dreams.

What did Troy do Cory?

Troy physically attacks Cory. Cory swings at Troy with a baseball bat but does not hit Troy because he would probably kill him. Troy taunts Cory and then gets the bat away from Cory in a struggle. Troy stands over Cory with the bat and kicks Cory out of the house with finality.

When Troy won’t accept the $10 from Lyons who does Lyons give it to?

But Lyons takes out ten dollars intending to keep his promise from the first scene and pay his father back. Troy downplays Lyons’s sincerity telling him to just keep the money for the next time he wants to borrow some. Rose argues with Troy telling him to take the money and Lyons eventually hands it to her.

For what has Troy been paying $10 a month for fifteen years?

Troy says that he asked for three rooms worth of furniture and that he told the devil to charge whatever he wanted. He concludes that he’s sent the devil 10 dollars every month for fifteen years even though Troy’s probably paid off the interest by now he says he’s afraid to stop paying.

Why did Troy walk 200 miles?

Troy left home at age 14 after beating up his abusive sharecropper father (who had beaten Troy and raped his thirteen-year-old girlfriend as Troy and the girl made love by the riverbank) and he walked 200 miles to Mobile in search of work his only family member who he would keep in touch with was his brother Gabriel …

Why did Troy leave home at 14?

Troy was afraid of his father until that moment. At that moment however Troy believes he became a man. He could no longer live under the roof with a man that would commit these unacceptable acts so he left home to be on his own though he was homeless and broke with no ties or family elsewhere.

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How long were Troy and Rose married in fences?

eighteen years

Been married eighteen years[.] After Troy confesses to Rose that he impregnated another woman she responds with confusion and disbelief.

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Why is Troy a villain?

Wilson’s audience see Troy as a villain because of his actions to proceed with Alberta knowing that he has a loving and devoted wife with whom he goes home to every night. Troy is also mainly seen as a tragic hero because of his failure to be a good husband to Rose that results in the destruction of his marriage.

How do Troy and Bono talk about Alberta?

Bono says that Troy has been spending a lot of time with her. What does Troy say about Alberta? Troy says that Alberta is sexy but he hasn’t been with her. What does Troy say about his faithfulness to Rose?

Why does Troy use baseball metaphors?

Troy uses baseball metaphors to make sense of his personal issues. … Troy for example often thinks about life and death in terms of baseball. He sees Death as “a fastball on the outside corner.” He thinks he could always make a homerun back in the old days hence cheating death.

How did Troy buy his house in fences?

Troy was able to buy his house in the play Fences by using the $3 000 the government sent to his brother Gabriel after he sustained a traumatic brain

Why does Rose want Cory to go to Troy’s funeral?

Rose asks Raynell to change her shoes to prepare for Troy’s funeral. … Cory refuses to attend the funeral because he wants to rebel against Troy. Rose teaches Cory that not attending Troy’s funeral does not make Cory a man.

What is ironic about Troy’s job as a garbage truck driver?

What is ironic about Troy’s job as a garbage truck driver? He doesn’t actually have a driver’s licence. How does the final confrontation between Troy and Cory begin?

Why is Troy at Taylors?

Rose believes Troy did the right thing in taking over Gabriel’s money. Rose reminds Troy about the fence she’s asked him to finish building. Troy tells Rose that he is going to Taylor’s to listen to a baseball game and he’ll work on the fence when he gets back.

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What did Gabriel do at Troy’s funeral?

So Gabriel decides that the day of his brother’s funeral is the day of judgment for everybody. He triumphantly raises the trumpet to his mouth and blows as hard as he can.

Why does Rose accept raynell into her family?

Rose also makes a religious reference with her justification for accepting Raynell as her own child. She attributes her reasoning to her understanding that Raynell is innocent even though she was born out of a sinful partnership.

Is Bono a good friend to Troy?

Bono is Troy’s best friend and sidekick. It’s been that way ever since they first met as young men in prison. These two pals work together as garbage men and hang out sipping on gin every Friday night.

Why is Cory the antagonist in fences?

Cory. It might be hard to think of Cory as an antagonist since he’s pretty much the nicest guy ever. For most of the play he puts up with his grouchy father Troy without too much of a fuss. Chances are the audience is really rooting for him to get to go to college on the football scholarship.

Is fences a true story?

Fences tells a story that many American families can relate to but that doesn’t mean that Fences is a true story. In fact Fences is based on a play by the same name from renowned playwright August Wilson. … In fact Wilson’s name is the only one with a writing credit on the film.

Why does Gabriel carry a trumpet?

He carries a trumpet in order to be prepared to open the gates of heaven when necessary. Gabriel is clearly deluded but his delusions are generally benign and his family goes along with his fantasies.

What does Troy say pine is?

Bono agrees with Troy that all the police care about is money. Bono then criticizes Troy for using hard wood to build the fence (probably because he finds it difficult to cut) saying that all he needs is soft pine—but Troy insists that he knows what he’s doing and that pine wood is used for inside purposes only.

What is the frightful realization Gabriel makes?

Gabriel’s final “frightful realization” might be the understanding that he is not the messenger angel of God and that it is not up to him to decide if Troy is to be let into heaven and that judgement day has come.

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