Who Played Millie On A Different World

What happened to Millie from different world?

The actress disappears after the first season but made her mark on the hearts of the fans. She was portrayed by Marie-Alise Recasner and there was never another Hillman College student quite like her. … Millie was tall and thin and wore really big glasses.

Who played Millicent on different world?

She only reappears once in season 3 to give Dwayne closure on his crush. Note: Denise originated as a regular character on The Cosby Show on which she was featured on a regular basis during seasons 1–3 and 6–7 and on a recurring basis during seasons 4 and 5. She left “A Different World” after season 1.

What is charnele Brown doing now?

Charnele Brown (Kim Reese)

Since A Different World Brown appeared in a few small guest roles on Martin My Wife and Kids and Girlfriends. She currently has several upcoming films in preproduction including two which she’s producing as well as the thriller Love You to Death with Julius Tennon.

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Why was Marisa Tomei on A Different World?

It was ultimately decided that Denise who was of college age would be spun off and have a white roommate in order to show the dynamic of a white girl in predominantly black surroundings. Meg Ryan was originally cast for this role but she decided to pursue a film career so Marisa Tomei was cast.

Who was Kadeem Hardison wife?

Chanté Moore

Why did Stevie leave a different world?

Midway through the season Gilbert Hall dorm housemother Stevie Rallen (Loretta Devine) left — to pursue her own interests said Lewis — and veteran actress Mary Alice took her place. … Lewis said she’s glad that the characters are becoming a bit more well-rounded.

Who played Mr Gaines wife on different world?

Lou Myers

Charleston Area Medical Center Charleston West Virginia U.S. Lou Myers (born on September 26 1935 – died February 19 2013) was an American actor.

Who did Dwayne Wayne cheat on Whitley with?

Byron Douglas III
Dwayne was engaged to Whitley but it ended after he almost cheated on her. However during Whitley’s relationship with Byron Douglas III the two of them slept together and he interrupted Whitley & Byron’s wedding ceremony to declare his love for her.

Who was the Freddie’s cousin in different world?

Matthew. Matthew was the token white guy on A Different World who everyone loved. He was Freddie’s cousin so he had a bit of an inside track to Hillman College. In addition he used his connections well and hooked up with Freddie’s friend Kimberly Reese.

Does Tempestt Bledsoe have a child?

Tempestt Bledsoe (born August 1 1973) is an American actress. She is best known for her childhood role as Vanessa Huxtable the fourth child of Cliff and Clair Huxtable on the long-running NBC sitcom The Cosby Show (1984–92).

Television Year 2010-2011
Title Clean House
Role Host
Notes 12 episodes

How rich is Lisa Bonet?

The biggest contributor to her net worth is mostly her acting career and her earnings from films and television shows. Lisa Bonet’s net worth is estimated at around $14 million as of now.

Did James Brown daughter play on a different world?

Karen Charnele Brown (née Dozier born October 30 1965) is an American actress producer writer fashion designer and singer. Brown is perhaps best known for her role as Kimberly Reese on NBC comedy sitcom A Different World from 1988 until 1993.

Are Lisa Bonet and Marisa Tomei friends?

Lisa Bonet and Marisa Tomei

Bonet and Tomei starred together on “A Different World” and became close friends. Tomei is the godmother to Zoé Kravitz Bonet’s daughter. Tomei interviewed Kravitz for InStyle and called Bonet her “best friend.”

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Why did Denise Huxtable leave Hillman?

At the beginning of the second season we find out that Denise dropped out of Hillman to travel throughout Africa. Translation: Bonet got pregnant with Lenny Kravitz’s baby – aka Zoe Kravitz — but Cosby did not think that the character should become an unwed mother.

When did Denise Huxtable leave A Different World?

Denise originated as a regular character on The Cosby Show on which she was featured on a regular basis during seasons 1–3 and 6–7 and on a recurring basis during seasons 4 and 5. She left “A Different World” after season 1.

How old is Whitley different world?

Jasmine Guy
Born March 10 1962 Boston Massachusetts U.S.
Occupation Actress singer dancer director
Years active 1982–present
Known for Whitley Marion Gilbert-Wayne – A Different World Roxy Harvey – Dead Like Me Kayla Samuels – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Does Kadeem Hardison have a son?

He also starred in the Disney Channel series K.C. Undercover as Craig Cooper the title character’s father and played Norman in OWN’s Love Is_. He also appeared in the first season of the Showtime comedy Black Monday.
Kadeem Hardison
Spouse(s) Chanté Moore ​ ​ ( m. 1997 div. 2000)​
Children 1

Is Hillman a real college?

Hillman College was a women’s college in Clinton Mississippi that existed from 1853 until 1942. … This college should not be confused with the fictional HBCU which provided the setting for the Cosby Show spin-off A Different World.

Is Dwayne older than Whitley?

because Whitley still is a couple of years older than Dwayne and he’s the only man she’s ever loved… this is what happens to us when our kids leave us ” she continued.

Did Whitley and Dwayne have a baby?

At the end of the series she moves with Dwayne to Japan for his job and it is revealed that she is pregnant with their first child.

Where did Mr Gaines work in different world?

Hillman College restaurant The Pit
Vernon often referred to as Mr. Gaines was the owner and manager of the Hillman College restaurant The Pit. A generally grumpy older man Gaines has worked at The Pit at least since Claire Huxtable attended the college.

Who played Ron Johnson’s dad on A Different World?

Darryl M. Bell

on the NBC sitcom A Different World (1987–93).
Darryl M. Bell
Occupation Actor
Years active 1987–present
Partner(s) Tempestt Bledsoe (1993–present)

Who played Colonel Taylor’s daughter on A Different World?

Played by:

Jaleesa Vinson (later Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor) was a main character on A Different World she appeared in a total of 109 episodes of the series from Seasons 1 throught 5. The part of Jaleesa was played on the series by Dawnn Lewis.

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What episode of a different world did Whitley lose her virginity?

If I Should Die Before I Wake

If I Should Die Before I Wake. Whitley is thinking about giving up her virginity to Dwayne but she finds out one of her classmates has an STD and has second thoughts.

Is Jasmine Guy’s accent real?

The accent she continues was actually born out of necessity during her (third) audition for the popular sitcom. “I auditioned for ‘A Different World’ three times.

Do Freddie and Ron end up together?

She cheated on Shazza with Ron Johnson and they ended their relationship on Thanksgiving Day 1992. She later ended up in a relationship with Ron. By the end of the series she earned her law review membership and completed her first year of law school.

Who did Freddie date in a different world?

Ernest Bennett (Rueben Grundy): briefly dated Freddie Brooks. Mbubunni (Ron Mokwena): international student from apartheid-controlled South Africa disappeared after season four.

How old is Tempestt Bledsoe now?

48 years (August 1 1973)

What happened Tempest Bledsoe?

Tempestt Bledsoe has always stayed busy in her career. She has enjoyed success in voice acting lending her talents to 2012’s ParaNorman and the animated series The Replacements (according to Behind The Voice Actors). Most recently Bledsoe appeared in the Netflix series Family Reunion in 2019 as per TV Guide.

Who is Tempestt Bledsoe’s partner?

Darryl M. Bell (1993–)

How did Lisa Bonet meet Jason Momoa?

The couple first met at a jazz club in 2005.

After crushing on Bonet for years through a television screen Momoa finally met the High Fidelity star at a jazz club in Los Angeles in 2005. … “She goes you know ‘I’m Lisa.

Momoa reportedly received a paycheck of $15 million for the first ‘Aquaman’ flick according to Cosmopolitan. But he could get a pay raise for the sequel which is set to premiere in 2022 and any future ‘Justice League’ film.

How much older is Lisa Bonet than Jason Momoa?

Since then Momoa and Bonet have made it clear that their marriage works great and that their 12-year age difference isn’t a factor.

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