Why Is The Somali Current Unusual


Why Is The Somali Current Unusual?

Upwelling behavior: One of the unique characteristics of the Somali Current is the presence of strong coastal upwelling – the only major instance of this happening at a western ocean boundary. … During the winter season the northeast monsoon reverses the northward Somali Coastal Current shutting down coastal upwelling.

What type of current is the Somali current?

A current in the northern Indian Ocean that reverses direction during the year. In the northern winter season it is a warm current that is fed by an anticlockwise circulation in the Arabian Gulf and flows south-westwards along the coast of Somalia.

What does the Somali current do?

the SOMALi current can be found on the surface of the northern Indian Ocean serving as a western boundary of this ocean. It is a movement of waters around the Indian Ocean dispersing heat. Atmospheric circulation and ocean circulation together are the major mechanisms for global heat distribution.

Is Agulhas Current warm or cold?

Because it is fed from lower latitudes the Agulhas Current is warm ranging in temperature from 57 to 79 °F (14 to 26 °C) at the surface. The average temperature is lower in southern sections near Antarctica. The Agulhas is noted as a major western boundary current in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is meant by monsoon current?

Monsoon Current also called Monsoon Drift surface current of the northern Indian Ocean. Unlike the Atlantic and Pacific both of which have strong currents circulating clockwise north of the Equator the northern Indian Ocean has surface currents that change with the seasonal monsoon.

Is Somali Current hot or cold?

The Somali Current is a cold ocean boundary current that runs along the coast of Somalia and Oman in the Western Indian Ocean and is analogous to the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean.

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What Mascarene High?

The Mascarene High is an anticyclone located over the Southern Indian Ocean and has a vital role in weather and climate variability over Southern Africa. The warm Western Indian Ocean is a major source of moisture for the subcontinent also permitting tropical cyclone genesis.

Why are oceanic gyres not symmetrical?

Oceanic gyres are not symmetric due to faster currents on their western boundaries (Fig. 1c). … The density of ocean water is primarily determined by its temperature salinity and the pressure of the surrounding water.

Is Oyashio a warm current?

Oyashio (親潮 “Parental Tide”) also known as Oya Siwo Okhotsk or the Kurile current is a cold subarctic ocean current that flows south and circulates counterclockwise in the western North Pacific Ocean.

Where the Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream meet?

Cape Hatteras area
The Labrador Current and Gulf Stream usually meet right around the Cape Hatteras area. The clash between the cold and warm waters creates very rough waters. Many boat/ship wrecks happen where the two currents meet.Apr 3 2016

What is the largest current in the world?

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the largest current in the world. ‘It’s been estimated that this current is 110–150 times larger than all the water flowing in all the rivers of the world ’ says Dr Mike Williams.

Which current flows away from continent Africa?

The Agulhas Current /əˈɡʌləs/ is the western boundary current of the southwest Indian Ocean. It flows south along the east coast of Africa from 27°S to 40°S. It is narrow swift and strong.

What is the tip of Africa called?

The tip is Africa is called the Cape of Good Hope.

How do you pronounce monsoonal?

Why North Indian Ocean current is different from other ocean currents?

The circulation currents of Indian Ocean is different from the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. The Indian Ocean is surrounded by huge landmass of Eurasia in the north and is only half the ocean. … The monsoon winds also play a peculiar role in the reversal of the direction of currents in the North Indian Ocean.

Which current is in Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean gyre is composed of two major currents: the South Equatorial Current and the West Australian Current.

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What are the 5 major ocean currents?

There are five major gyres: the North Atlantic the South Atlantic the North Pacific the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean Gyre see figure 1. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is situated in the Southern Ocean and constantly circles around Antarctica because there are no land masses to interrupt the currents.

What is Somali jet?

A low-level southwesterly jet over the Arabian Sea in the summer months off the coast of Somalia. It is the northern branch of a cross-equatorial flow giving rise to a major supply of moisture in support of the Asian summer monsoon.

For what is the Gulf Stream famous?

The Gulf Stream is a powerful warm ocean current affecting the climate of the eastern coast of North America and the western coast of Europe and it is an important source of tidal energy.

What is easterly jet stream?

The Tropical Easterly Jet (jet stream) is the meteorological term referring to an upper level easterly wind that starts in late June and continues until early September. … Tropical Easterly Jet (TEJ) comes into existence quickly after the Sub Tropical Jet (STJ) has shifted to the north of the Himalayas (Early June).

Who discovered the Mascarene Islands?

Mauritius was discovered in the 10th century by the Arabs and was first named Dina Harobi but the first permanent settlement was by the Dutch in 1638. It was seized in 1715 by France who remained in control of it until the British took over in 1810.

What is retreating of monsoon?

What is a Retreating Monsoon? During the months of October-November the south-west monsoon winds become weaker and start to retreat from the skies of North India. This phase of the monsoon is known as the retreating monsoon.

What happened to the Styrofoam cup that was subjected to the high pressure of the deep ocean?

What happened to the Styrofoam cup that was subjected to the high pressure of the deep ocean? It became a miniature-sized cup.

What is the most powerful ocean current?

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the planet’s most powerful and arguably most important current. It is the only current to flow clear around the globe without being diverted by any landmass.

Why do Northern gyres rotate clockwise?

The Coriolis effect shifts surface currents by angles of about 45 degrees. In the Northern Hemisphere ocean currents are deflected to the right in a clockwise motion. … Beneath surface currents of the gyre the Coriolis effect results in what is called an Ekman spiral.

Which is cold ocean current?

The only exception to this rule of the flow of ocean water is found in the Indian Ocean where the direction of current flow changes with the change in the direction of monsoon wind flow.

List of Ocean Currents of the World.
Name of Current Nature of Current
Antarctica Current Cold
Okhotsk Current Cold
Florida Current Warm
Gulf Stream Warm

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Is Labrador a cold current?

The Labrador Current is a cold current in the North Atlantic Ocean which flows from the Arctic Ocean south along the coast of Labrador and passes around Newfoundland continuing south along the east coast of Canada near Nova Scotia. Near Nova Scotia this cold water current meets the warm northward moving Gulf Stream.

How fast is the Alaska current?

Alaska Current

Flow velocities at a depth of 16 feet (5 m) have been reported to be as high as 1.7 knots (1.9 miles per hour) for the southern portion of the current. Volume transport is estimated to be in the range of 350 000 000 to 700 000 000 cubic feet (10 000 000 to 20 000 000 cubic m) per second.

Is the Labrador Current fast or slow?

Speeds for the Labrador Current are about 0.3-0.5 ms-1 along the shelf edge (Greenbergand Petrie Reynaud et al 1985. Current speeds of 0.3-0.5 ms-1 were found by Reynaud et al. (1995) for the Labrador Current.

Is the Gulf Stream current warm or cold?

The Gulf Stream is an intense warm ocean current in the western North Atlantic Ocean. It moves north along the coast of Florida and then turns eastward off of North Carolina flowing northeast across the Atlantic.

Why does the Labrador Current remains frozen for 9 months?

United Kingdom and Labrador (U.K. N. America) are in the same latitude but remains unfrozen due to warm Gulf Stream and Labrador is frozen for nine months due to cold Labrador currents. Norway Coasts are unfrozen throughout the year due to North Atlantic Drift. Thus the currents affect the climate of the coastal areas.

What would happen if ocean currents stopped?

The ocean currents carry warmth from the tropics up to these places which would no longer happen. If the currents were to stop completely the average temperature of Europe would cool 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. There would also be impacts on fisheries and hurricanes in the region.

Is the ACC is the weakest ocean current on our planet?

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current or ACC is the strongest ocean current on our planet. It extends from the sea surface to the bottom of the ocean and encircles Antarctica.

Which is the only current that encircles the entire earth without interruption?

Term Ocean Currents Definition Masses of ocean water that flow from one place to another
Term North Atlantic Current Definition North Atlantic current Canary Current North Equatorial current Gulf Stream
Term West Wind Drift Definition The only current that completely encircles the Earth

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